How to clean windows

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Cleaning the glass is one of the hardest parts of the house cleaning project. If you want to always shine your house glass, come along with us and see this simple point. The house glasses are always exposed to rain, snow, and wind, so they get dirty too soon and cleaning them is very difficult. Using different detergents to clean the glass is one of the good ways to do this. If you want to clean the house glass in the best way, follow along with us.  These devices can be a clean cloud, clean clothes, detergents, and a hot water bucket. Read this article about how to clean windows.


How to clean windows: Wipe the glass with vinegar

Distilled vinegar, also referred to as white vinegar, can be considered as one of the major cleaning products in homes. Distilled vinegar is a mixture of water and acetic acid, and can be used to clean, remove bad smells and germicide in homes. In addition, vinegar is a natural product and is completely safe if inhaled or eaten. One of the best uses of vinegar at home is the cleaning of glasses. Cleaning the glass with vinegar is very simple and requires little time and raw materials.


How to clean windows: Get some help from some newspapers!

To remove spots on glass, dust, and fine lines of the previous cleaning, remove an old newspaper and spray it a little cleaner and draw on the glass. After cleaning the dirt, use a dry newspaper to dry the glass. By using the newspaper, not only will news of fine lines and fine lines not be, but the glass will be cleaner and more transparent. You can even pour liquid cleaner into a small bin and first, add the paper to the liquid and drag it onto the glass and then clean it with a dry newspaper.

how to clean windows

How to clean windows: Create your own custom cleaner

You can easily create an effective yet inexpensive cleaner. If you have an empty spill in your home, rinse it and put a cleaner in it and use this cleaner to clean glass and glass surfaces (such as a table, furniture, etc.).

To prepare this cleanser, just add 2 teaspoons of ammonia, 1/2 cup alcohol or vinegar and 1/4 teaspoons of liquid dishwashing.

Pour this solution into a spray jar with a funnel. Now you can use your special spray to clean the glass; except that this time, after cleaning, you will be amazed by the brightness of the glass and the mirror of the house.


How to clean windows: Use a filter paper coffee

If you do not want to help the newspaper clean glass and mirrors, you can use coffee paper. A coffee paper is very cheap, and like a newspaper, it will make the glass transparent, clean and lint free. To do this, as in the previous method, the filter paper should be smeared and then cleaned with glass. Next, you should drag another filter paper to the glass to completely clean and dry.



How to clean windows: Use the Eraser Cloud and Sponge

Did you have the opportunity to keep you in school after school when you went to school, and would you stop taking the squadron dust? Now, after passing through all these years and ending up with those bitter emotions, you can use that memorable sponge to clean your home glass!

After washing and cleaning the glass with a newspaper or paper coffee filter, remove a sponge and drag it onto the glass. You will see what this sponge will have, how amazing it will be and how it will shine your home glass.

how to clean windows

Do not clean the glass when exposed to direct sunlight

No matter which of the above methods are used to clean the glass, just keep in mind that when the sunlight directly hits the glass, you should avoid cleaning them. This also applies to winds when it’s hot and dry. If the glasses are very warm when heated, they will dry before you can use paper or newspapers to dry it, and all the stains caused by the moisture content of the newspaper and the paper will remain on it and the glass will be much more polluted.