Travel Luggage Bags

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Packing less stuff is only part of what you need to travel carry-on only. Not as straightforward as choosing a medium or large travel case, we’ve written a go-to guide on choosing the right cabin suitcase for the type of travel you do. If you’re a Spartan traveler who can live out of a backpack for the week, you can do this in your sleep. Cabin suitcases generally work harder than their larger siblings as we often use them for an extra couple of trips each year. Make sure the luggage you choose is comfortable and fits with your travel style. Also, Make sure you know the carry-on restrictions and carry-on allowances for the airline you’re flying. For everybody else, it can be a small challenge to pick out the right suitcase or luggage for a trip. Here’s how to choose luggage that’s right for you.


What are my luggage options?

Travel Luggage Bags: Backpacks come in a variety of sizes, both with and without frames. A. Most bags, from backpacks to larger luggage pieces, can be purchased with wheels, back straps and/or retractable handles. If you’re flying by plane and do not want to pay the checked bag fee you will be limited to one carry-on.


Carry On Size

Travel Luggage Bags: As a general rule, go for a carry-on no larger than 45 inches and a checked bag no larger than 62 inches. Check your airline’s website for information on what size bags you can check or bring onboard.  Particularly if you’re flying a budget airline that may well have smaller than standard carry on size allowances. When flying on a smaller airline in a foreign country, acceptable baggage weight and size requirements can be a crapshoot. For the record: you need a carry on that is smaller than or equal to 22” x 14” x 9”.

Travel Luggage Bags

Soft or Hard Sides?

Travel Luggage Bags: Soft bags can be a better option if you will not be carrying any fragile items and can still protect your personal valuables like cell phones. they can also be a good option for checked bags if your potentially fragile belongings are securely packed.


Consider wheels

Travel Luggage Bags: Wheeled luggage is always a good idea, so you can take the weight off your back and shoulders when you need to. A number of different travel luggage bags from Eagle Creek are designed with wheels for easy mobility.


Laptop or Tablet Sleeve

Travel Luggage Bags: I’m betting you travel with your laptop or tablet. Make sure your carry on has a laptop or tablet sleeve. Bonus points if the sleeve’s compartment unzips to lie flat. Double Bonus points if that sleeve is lined with fleece and has a way to secure your laptop or tablet in the sleeve. So you fly through security checkpoints without needing to take your laptop or tablet completely out of your carry on.


Personalize Your Bag

To avoid walking off with the wrong bag, you might choose a unique color or design pattern to distinguish your bag from the rest. You are bound to find identical baggage if you travel frequently. You can add a personal touch to your bag after you buy it by putting on a personalized luggage tag or piece of cloth that will make it easy to spot as you deplane.

Travel Luggage Bags

Consider every aspect of the trip

Think carefully about each step of your trip. Will you need a separate bag for day trips?  Where will you store your money? Will you need a compact carry-on for your flight? What about the organization for important documents, such as passports? Think about where you will be going, how you will get there and what items you want to carry on you at the time.


Appropriate Internal Organization

Know your packing style. Know the kind of trip you are taking, and choose your bag accordingly. Maybe you want something with a little more flexibility, like the Setout. Or, perhaps you need the ultimate in versatility with a built-in packing cube that transitions quickly between travel backpack. Perhaps you need something that’s obsessively organized, like the Out breaker.