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Kitchen decoration can be a little challenge for most home keepers who are not that much familiar with the interior design concepts and rules.

Today, we’ve decided to give you some extraordinary useful tips on how to decorate your kitchen like a pro!

What type is your kitchen?

First things first! If you want to have a good looking kitchen and an amazing decoration, you must first consider the type of your kitchen.

There are 6 different types of kitchen that we are going to discuss in here:

one wall kitchen

kitchen decoration

One wall kitchens are common in small homes where there is no space for an Island table or an expanded area to place appliances apart.

In this type of kitchen, all of the cooking area and appliances are placed along a wall. As there won’t be a large space for storage and different stuffs we recommend you to pick compacted appliances if you’ve chosen to go with this type of kitchen.

L shaped kitchens

kitchen decoration

L shaped kitchens are common in open plan kitchens / living rooms. Depending on the size of the kitchen, you can place a dining table in the middle.

U-Shaped Kitchen

kitchen decoration


U shaped kitchens (as you can in the picture bellow) have 3 main sides where you can store your cooking equipment.

Also the chef will have an easy access to all parts as main devices can be placed in the popular triangle (we are going to discuss it in this article).

U shaped kitchens are still not that big for hosting a dinner table or chairs.

G shaped kitchens

kitchen decoration

G shaped have almost a similar look to U shaped kitchens. But, they make your kitchen look bigger than its real size.

In G shaped kitchens there are 4 walls of cabinets where most of the time one of these sections will be used as an Island or a breakfast bar.

Galley kitchens

kitchen decoration

In galley kitchens there are 2 row of cabinets placed against each other. These kitchens are completely separated from other parts of the house, therefore the cook won’t have connection with others who are in living room or other areas of the house.

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Basic rules in decorating the kitchen

Now that you’ve find out the type of your kitchen layout, you must get familiar with some basic rules:

consider the work triangle

This popular concept says that the 3 main objects of all kitchens ( refrigerator, cooktop and sink ) should be placed in a way that area between them shapes a triangle.

In other words, if you imagine an straight line from the sink’s center to the center of the cooktop and another straight line from the center of the cooktop to the center of the refrigerator, you must see a triangle.

kitchen decoration

This triangle must fallow these guidelines defined by NKBA (National kitchen and Bath Association):

This triangle must not be cut by more 12 inches through an Island or a peninsula.

Each side of the triangle should measure about 4 to 9 feet where the sum of the length of all 3 legs must not exceed 26 feet.

How to make this work triangle in different kitchen layouts?

Well, we should say that it is impossible to make this work space in “one wall kitchens” but for other types, you can take a look at these pictures:

Tips on how to decorate a kitchen:

Light and colors:

kitchen decoration

Kitchen is where you cook so obviously, the brighter, the better!

  • Do not hesitate the day light! You don’t have to cover the whole window by a super thick cartoon. Instead, use a light colored cartoon and some light bulbs to lighten it as much as possible.
  • Although you can pick any color you want, recently gray, blue and yellow have become the common color for homes’ kitchens.
  • Use natural plants in your kitchen. This way you can keep it the space calm and alive.
  • You can also plant some organic vegetables in a smart pot, let it grow and then use the fresh vegetables in your meals.
  • You can add a shelf to keep your stuffs organized.

kitchen decoration


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