Most beautiful dresses in movies of all time (our picks)

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As there are different tastes and “the most beautiful dresses “has variety of definitions in different minds, we are more focused on those fairytale kind of dresses that always will stick in minds as stunning dresses

  1. Emma Watson’s yellow dress in Beauty and the beast

most beautiful dresses

Without any doubt, the dress Emma (acts as Belle in the movie) worn in the dance scene in the castle ballroom fascinated every audience of this Fantasy movie.


The yellow dress  was designed by Academy Award-winning costume designer Jacqueline Durran. it took the tailors over 12,000 hours to make such a masterpiece.

  1. Lily James’ dress in Cinderella

most beautiful dresses

Three-time Oscar-winning costume designer Sandy Powell is the designer of the famous blue dress of Cinderella as one of the most beautiful dresses in all movie industry history.

most beautiful dresses

Although the wedding dress of Cinderella in this gorgeous movie was so pretty, the blue dress was more eye-catching as it reminded all audiences of the famous blue dress in the original story and the old well-known animation.

  1. Julia Roberts’ red dress in Pretty woman

most beautiful dresses

Costume designer ” Marilyn Vance-Straker ” and her team are the designers of floor-sweeping red ball gown worn for the opera sequence by Vivian which is the most famous costume among all of Vivian’s dresses in Pretty Woman.

This professional group created an array of stylish and contemporary outfits, beginning with the white and blue revealing dress with thigh-high boots that Roberts dons at the start of the film to Vivian’s.

  1. Emilia Clarke’s dresses in Game Of Thrones series

most beautiful dresses

some people say that Daenerys’ (acted by Emilia Clarke) dresses are more like fairytale than the mother of dragons!

All in all, we know that her stunning dresses are one of the attractive items of the whole series!


  1. Kate Winslet’s dresses in Titanic

most beautiful dresses

Deborah Lynn Scott won an Academy Award in 1998 for the intricate Edwardian gowns that Winslet (as Rose in the movie) worn.

Among all pretty outfits of her in this memorable movie, the red and also the lavender dresses are more famous as for their unique simple but stunning designs.