How to dress well

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This is a complete guide that has tips on how to dress well!

  1. Consider your body shape

dress well

Women’s bodies’ general shapes differ from person to person. If you don’t consider this, no matter how beautiful the dress you pick is, it may not look good on you!

Now take a look at body shapes in above picture and consider these 2 examples below:

dress well


Women should decide on the form of the dress they wear based on the shape of their body. For example:

For bodies with hourglass shape, wear on a clothes with a belt to show up the nice curve of the body.

Or as another example, if you have an apple shaped body, we recommend you to wear on clothes that draw attention to your bust and neck rather than your waist and shoulders. In better words you’d better wear on long sleeves.

We will discuss what to wear based on your body shape in future in another article.

dress well

Consider the size

If you can just get into the clothing does not mean it necessarily fits properly. In fact, if you want to dress well you have to wear a cloth that covers your body problems and makes it seems more pretty than how it really is!

To put this better, if you chose the right shape of clothes but in a wrong size, it won’t look good on you.

Generally speaking, a clothes’ size is proper for you if when you wear it, it lay straight unless the style of the clothes you’ve peaked aimed to be tight in some parts.

All in all, it must not be pulled up around your chest or above your hip while waking or raising and falling your arms.


Covering areas with problems

If your skin has a problem or you have too much fat around a part of your body (like around your stomach) then try to cover it by your clothes.

Consider the general style based on the place

As we discussed later, there are several styles you can try on. Consider the place you head to and chose the general style that suits you and the condition better.

Example: for a job interview you may want to look smart and perhaps a little classy!


Pay attention to material and temperature  of the environment. Also, moveability is so important too especially about workplace, school or sports clothes.

Consider your skin tone

dress well

Beside the form and the style of clothes, choosing the right color plays an important role too.

This factor is directly interacted with the skin tone.

By experiencing different colors, you’ll find out which color goes great with your skin.

(some experts say that there should be contrast between the color of skin and the color of the clothes but, honestly, I do not think it as a general rule. As a matter of fact, I have seen lots of exceptions for this rule! )

Consider matching technique

dress well

Once you’ve noticed your skin color and proper colors for yourself you must learn the art of matching them.

For this you can use a hue (like purple) with different shadows of it (like a brighter/darker purple), or you can easily use color circle and match the color with its complements and contrasts.

Mention that the best color is depended on your skin tone as well as the style.

dress well

For example, If you have decided to have a classic style, you must forget about shiny light green or shiny purple.

Instead you’d better consider natural colors like black, olive oil, milky, white or even gold and silver.


The leather and steel parts of your accessories must match your clothes. You can easily use earrings with colors that have contrast with your main clothes.

dress well

But about big accessories like purse or scarfs, I recommend you to match the color of them with your clothes more carefully ! (I also recommend you to match your purse or clutch  with your shoes!)

dress well

Age matters!

Although I believe that there is no limitation for ” dress well tips given above” , many people think that at least the color matters a little bit!

Can you imagine a baby girl who wears black all the time? Or a widow with shiny green nails, short pink skirt and shiny purple sneakers in a ceremony?!

To be honest, I can imagine that and kind of liking it but most of others don’t!

Figure out what you need

Now that you have understand the type of clothes that suits you best, take a look at your closet and consider what you have and what you need to buy!

dress well