good first impression by impressive clothes guide based on the situation

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Do you want to go to a party and you are looking for the impressive clothes that represent you as a fun energetic lady?

Are you a boss? which kind of style shows your management the most?

Maybe you like to seem smart and intelligent in your next meeting with your colleagues!

People chose their clothes based on the place they head to and the impression  they want to make and the messages they want to send about their personality to the environment.

But sometimes finding and more importantly matching the clothes you have in a way you’ve dreamed your style, is a little challenging.

Here, in this article we want to give you tips on how to make each personality look by your outfit.

1.Smart and intelligent

how to wear clothes impressively

If you want to seem smart you can easily wear on a short skirt with a pair of eyeglasses and a classic watch with tiny black leather bands!

Add a collar and a polished collage shoe and handle 2 or three books!

Use brown or dark matt red beside white.

Don’t forget a little backpack!

2.boss and managers

White blouse which represent you as an organized person and a clear thinker.

A knee-length semi form fitting sheath dress that helps you look as a professional dependable manager.

Avoid using too tight or short dresses that are above your knees.

impressive clothes

Add great accessories like a leather purse which is not slouchy or too oversized .

Use a simple mid-height closed-Toe shoe and don’t forget to use a watch.

If you use gray, it is recommended to add some other more bright color in order to avoid depression massage!

Obviously, shiny colors are off the market. and energetic

It is all about shiny color full dresses and impressive clothes!

impressive clothes

So pay attention to the color you use in your style.

Fun happy extroverted girls do not limit themselves to natural colors. Instead they use warm and cold colors beside each other.

Jeans and sneakers are very common in this style.

impressive clothes

Do not overuse jewelries in this style. You can wear on sun glasses for a more luxury appearance.


impressive clothes

You see a clothes on Instagram and think “nah it wouldn’t work in real life”!

Well the interesting part is that it works in artists’ lives!

Extra big rounded framed eye glasses with hats that do not cover ears (like caps),

impressive clothes

a classic blouse with a pair of classic pants,

handling a color plate and a light makeup with simple rare designed bags make you an artist!