what are the best headphones to buy in 2018?

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Are you an audiophile? Do you want to see the flagships of headphones in 2018? Read this post and see the 3 best headphones in 2018.

What should you consider in buying a headphone?

if you are reading this post, you are probably going to buy a new headphone. Therefore, Before presenting our best 2018 headphones’ list, we would like to give you some tips about choosing the right item for yourself:

  1. Audio Quality

whenever a person wants to buy new headphones, the first question he asks himself is “which brand or version sound good and have a high quality?”

In fact, this is one of the most difficult questions to answer! Different people have different tastes in music and the kind of audio they are willing to get out of a headphones.

For example, a person might say these headphones’ output audio is so “precise and detailed”, while the other one thinks it is “not detailed” but more kind of “noisy”!

So consider your own expectations and needs, then decide on “How much accurate and precise should the headphones be based on your own needs and tastes?  ”

  1. Design

Headphones that you’ll purchase will become a part of your style. Consider them as a cloths you are going to wear almost every day. They should match your general style!

  1. Portability

The weight, size and ability to pack away are the other factors a buyer should pay attention to, especially those buyers who like to handle them all day or in travels, etc.

  1. sound isolation

you probably want to wear headphones either to prevent the podcast or music you are listening to, annoying others or to block out the music from the external noises (especially in public crowded places like buses, trains, etc) or both.

Whatever the reason is, sound isolation plays an important role in the quality you expect from the headphone you buy.


Best headphones in 2018

  1. Bose QuietComfort 35 (Series II)

best headphones in 2018

The star of the year 2018 in headphones community is the wireless Bose QuietComfort 35 (Series II) according to most of reliable reviews and benchmarks.

Voice access to the phone’s assistant (like Siri),

noise rejection and manual adjustment of noise,

Volume-Optimized EQ to get the best sound quality of each music,

Bluetooth and NFC, 47.2 inches audio cable and 12 inches USB cable

and a rechargeable battery with 20+ hours of play time life, make this headphone the best option for every music lover!


Acoustic design: closed

Weight: 0.68 pounds

Cable length: 3.94 feet

Sensitivity: no data

Battery life: 20+ hours

Impedance: no data

Frequency response: no data


  1. Sennheiser Momentum 2.0

best headphones in 2018

According to almost all reviews this device has the most ability in cancelling and rejecting the noise due to its noise Gard hybrid active noise cancellation technology.

If best in class sound, comfortable in use and an everlasting battery are what you are looking for, then be sure that Sennheiser Momentum can suit your expects and more!

All in all, This product has combined a great design and powerful hardware that will last for years for you!

Acoustic design: closed

Weight: no data

Cable length: 4.6 feet

Sensitivity: no data

Battery life: 25+ hours

Impedance: 28 ohms

Frequency response: 16-22 KHz


3. Sony WH-1000XM2

best headphones in 2018

They sound great! Although it might have a shorter battery life than the tow items discussed above, the features and great performance is worth recharging the battery a few times more for audiophile users.


Acoustic design: closed

Weight: 275 grams

Cable length: no data

Sensitivity: 103 dB

Battery life: 20 hours

Impedance: 46 ohms

Frequency response: 4 Hz – 40 KHz