Buying Basketball Shoes

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Choosing the best basketball shoe is one of the most important decisions a player can make. Finding the best basketball shoe can make a big impact on your performance. Identifying which features fit your needs and playing style is vital to filling your game bag with the right gear. Basketball shoes are designed with comfort, performance,  and fashion in mind. And also knowing what features fit your game best can help take you from the bench to the paint in no time. Read this article about Buying Basketball Shoes.


Buying Basketball Shoes

  • MID: Mid-top basketball shoes provide a happy medium for players in terms of ankle support. Mid-tops allow for increased flexibility and are great for all-around players or athletes who are unsure of their desired basketball position. The upper material sits right at the ankle to provide some coverage without an all-enclosing design.
  • UPPER: Basketball shoes are available in very high, mid or low heights, with each appealing to a different style of player.
  • LOW: Built for speed and agility, low-top basketball shoes can be the best fit for guards looking to race up and down the court.
  • HIGH: With this extra coverage often comes extra weight, so high-top basketball shoes can be popular among larger, more aggressive players like centers. With high-top basketball shoes, the upper wraps around your ankle to provide an extra layer of support and stability.

Buying Basketball Shoes

Buying Basketball Shoes: Warning

The daily use of the shoes for practices and games wears down the shoe material and reduces their ability to provide the cushion and support needed to protect the foot. The American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine recommends that high school and college basketball players replace their shoes every month.


Buying Basketball Shoes: MIDSOLE

Some basketball shoes feature stiffer materials on the medial portion of the foot for added stability to help increase protection against inward rolling. A basketball shoe’s midsole is where the footwear’s cushioning will be found. Branded cushioning technologies finde in the midsole; namely in the heel and forefoot.


Playing Style

Buying Basketball Shoes: We know there are many styles of play. But narrowing it down to the most common styles is useful for the purpose of this guide:

  • Slasher and/or Defender: A defender and slasher ago in the same category because they are both active and athletic. This is a demanding position that demands a lot from the athlete and shoe.
  • Ball Handler/Facilitator: This is a player who characteristically touches the ball on every possession and has his/her hands in on every play on both ends of the court.
  • Post Player: Post players, 4’s, 5’s and stretch 4’s who like to get in the paint, are players who spend a lot of their game in the trenches putting in work surrounded by trees.
  • Shooter: This is a player with lights-out correctness on their jumper. They come off a lot of screens, cut a lot, move off-ball a lot and most of all… shoot a lot.

Buying Basketball Shoes


Buying Basketball Shoes: Blend your personality into your gear by choosing color schemes and profiles that appeal to your tastes. You can show your admiration for your favorite pro players by gearing up with their signature models. A proper basketball shoe is very vital to your performance. People like shoes that not only function well but make a fashion statement, too.