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    Water Filter Purifier Faucet ioniser water contaminants alkaline

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    Faucet alkaline water ioniser water filter purifier

    Water Filter Purifier Faucet Remove water contaminants alkaline water ionizer household

    Powerful Protection For The Whole Family 

    Stage Shower Water Filter is our original water cleaning system design.
    Stage Filter promotes healthy skin, hair,  nails, with stronger filtration ,  disinfection,  stimulation of immunity.


    Filters with Granulated Activated Coconut Carbon are the best solution for removing radioactive iodine-131 , chlorine, chloramine , trihalomethane , chemicals , impurities , Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOCs) from the water.

    A unique structure of Polypropylene Cotton in our filter, with a surface area 3-8 times bigger than ordinary filters, is a lot more effective at removing, turbidity, sediments, rust,  bacteria.

    KDF (Kinetic Degradation Fluxion) Process Media (KDF -55) are high-purity copper- zinс granules intended to reduce heavy metals contamination, chlorine, and hydrogen sulfide in water, using an oxidation-reduction reaction.

    Calcium Sulfite is 100 times more efficient than activated carbon at removing chlorine and heavy metals such as lead, iron, mercury, cadmium, and aluminum.

    Alkaline Ceramic Balls are composed of all natural minerals intended to enhance and revitalize water in your residence. Antioxidant power will boost your immune system and keep up the optimal health of your body.

    Energy ceramic balls are a set of natural tourmaline, germanium natural stones. Their effect is that of far infrared therapy, healthy skin and hair, toxin and waste drain from the body, increased oxygen content in blood, and boosted immunity.

    Maifan stone restores pH balance in your body. Displays the toxins out of human body.

    Germanium ball includes the functions far infrared therapy, healthy hair keeping, removal toxin and waste out of the body, increase blood oxygen content, boost the immunity, beauty the skin and hair healthy keeping.

    Ceramic balls with ions struggling with appearance golden staphylococcus and colibacillus and prevent their increase.

    The layers are placed between steel mesh on both sides of the filter which act not just as a protection but as a final filter to remove dust and other bigger particles from water flow.


    .  more pure water and  the filter is an  ideal option for bathing children and  pets.

    . The filter is great for  well water, it removes excess heavy metals.


    1) complete sterilization, no secondary pollution use more confidence

    2) the installation is simple saving time, effort, money

    3) to retain beneficial minerals and trace elements beneficial to health

    4) easy to install, easy to use

    5) flexible and portable, does not occupy space

    6) large water production, easy to clean


    Model: L W -89

    Filter Material: Activated carbon

    Color: Silver

    Type: Water Tap Filter

    Size: 125×106×60 mm

    Suitable water temperature: 1-60 degrees Celsius

    Filter element Life: 3-6 months

    Operating Pressure: 0.1 Mpa-0.4 Mpa

    filter element: Activated carbon

    Filtration precision: 0.1µm-0.2µm

    Water flow: 6 L / min

    Package Includes:

    1 x faucet water purifier with ceramic filter


    1. replace the filter element every 3-6 months according to circumstances.

    2.  the difference between different monitors, the picture may not reflect

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    Faucet water ioniser



    RoHS, CE

    Time to market


    5 Stage Filtration



    Cold Water Pipe Installation




    Indirect Drink

    Brand Name


    Water Yield(Liter/Minute)





    Activated Carbon


    Wire-winding Filter Cartridge

    Water Quality Requirements

    Municipal Water

    Water treatment machine Type

    Water Purifier

    Purifying Position

    Terminal Purification

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