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    Original Mobile Phone Battery, For iPhone 6/6s/6Plus/6s Plus, Replacement Battery, Internal Battery

    • 2200mAh For iPhone62200mAh For iPhone6
    • 2200mAh For iPhone6s2200mAh For iPhone6s
    • 3400mAh For i6 Plus3400mAh For i6 Plus
    • 3400mAh For i6s Plus3400mAh For i6s Plus

    iPhone 6 replacement battery


    • Brand Name: BASEUS
    • Battery Type: Li-ion Polymer Battery
    • Compatible Brand: Apple iPhones
    • Note: Don’t Use It Till Shut Off Automatically
    • Battery Capacity(mAh):1801mAh-2200mAh
    • Features: Mobile Phone Battery, Replacement Battery For iPhone 6 6s 6plus 6splus, Real Capacity Original Battery For iPhone Batteria
    • Package: Fully Sealed Package
    • Compatible iPhone Model: iPhone 6s
    • Contain: 1PC Battery And 1 Set Tool Kits For Installation
    • Quality Certification: UL, FCC, CE, RoHS
    • Suit for: For iPhone 6 6 Plus; Mobile Phone Battery For iPhone 6s 6s Plus

    iPhone 6 replacement battery description

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    Benefits of Li-ion Battery

    High power density: High energy density is one of the main advantages of lithium-ion battery technology. By using electronic equipment such as cell phones that require longer costs, while consuming more energy, there are always batteries with higher energy densities. (iPhone 6 replacement battery)

    In addition, there are many applications of power tools for electric vehicles. A much higher density than lithium-ion batteries is a distinct advantage. Electric vehicles also need high-power battery technology. (iPhone 6 replacement battery)

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    Self-discharge: An issue with many rechargeable batteries is the amount of self-discharge. Lithium-ion cells have a much lower self-evacuation rate than other rechargeable cells, such as Ni-Cad and NiMH. In the first 4 hours after the charge, it is approximately 5% and then reaches about 1 or 2% per month.

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    Low maintenance: One of the important advantages of lithium-ion batteries is that they do not need maintenance to ensure their performance. Ni-Cad cells require periodic evacuation to ensure that they do not show the memory effect. As with lithium-ion cells, this process or other similar maintenance procedures are not required.

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    No need to fill: Some rechargeable batteries should be charged for the first time. (iPhone 6 replacement battery)

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    Packaging details

    • Unit type: the piece
    • Package weight: 0.09kg (0.20lb.)

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    Quality Certification

    UL, FCC, CE, RoHS

    Compatible iPhone Model

    iPhone 6s

    Battery Capacity(mAh)


    Compatible Brand

    Apple iPhones

    Brand Name


    Original or Not


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