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Anti Dust Plug, Yellow Soccer Dog/Black Dog, For Cell Phone Cute Animal, Earphone Cap, 3.5mm

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Anti-dust plug for mobile


  • Brand Name: JETTING
  • Type: Earphone Jack Plug
  • For: All models of the phone with 3.5mm earphone jack
  • Material: PVC

Anti-dust plug for mobile description

anti dust earphone plug

Why should you use dust plugs?

All phones come with a variety of ports: a USB port for charging or transferring data, or a headphone jack or even speakers: these are devices designed to connect with all kinds of accessories that make them extremely useful. Their main is.

These holes are exposed to a variety of contaminants that can affect the performance of the smartphone. Dust, sand, and dirt are just some of the criminals. Even putting your phone in your pocket can put your charging ports at risk and exposed to dirt or dirt that is collected over your pocket. Use this plugin to get rid of this problem. They are small plastic parts that easily attach to the jack at the top of the screen or your phone. There are even some of them for the connector port at the bottom of your phone. (anti dust plug for mobile)

anti dust earphone jack plug

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Importance of dust plugs for phone

Make sure you clean the entire port part completely before inserting a dust plug. Failure to do so will cause further damage. When you do not clean the port, the dust inside the port is too deep to be very difficult to remove. As a result, if you dust affects the performance of your device, you can lose a lot of money.

One of the best cleaning options you can start using the sticky tape. Remove the sticky tape and place it around the entrance for your headphones. After using an air compressor or other types of the air cleaner to hit the dust away from the hole.

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Package included

  • 1pc cute 3.5mm earphone puppy anti dust plug
  • Unit type: the piece
  • Package weight: 0.015kg (0.03lb.)

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Brand Name



Earphone Jack Plug

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