Earphone Jack Plug Buy, 3.5mm, Dust Plug For Phones, 10pcs Bling
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Earphone Jack Plug, 3.5mm, Dust Plug For Phones, 10pcs Bling, Colorful


Earphone jack plug buy


  • Brand Name: JETTING
  • Type: Earphone Jack Plug
  • Material: Alloy & Rhinestone (earphone jack plug buy)
  • Main Color: Mixed random send
  • Size: Fit to Cell Phone Earphone Hole 3.5mm
  • Quantity: 10Pcs
  • Conversion: 1 inch= 25.4 mm or imm=0.0393 inch

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Description: (earphone jack plug buy)

All mobile phones have some sort of opening: be it a USB port for charging or transferring data, or a headphone jack, or even the speaker openings. These are devices designed to interface with a variety of accessories that make them far more useful than their original purpose. (earphone jack plug buy)

These openings become susceptible to all sorts of debris that can enter and affect the inner workings of the smartphone. Dust, sand, and dirt are only some of the culprits. Even just putting your phone in your pocket can put your charging ports at risk of being infiltrated by lint or dirt that gathers in your pocket over time. When this debris builds up inside the port, it will make give the charging pins a harder time connecting to the metal in your phone, making it charge slower. (earphone jack plug buy)

If you’re looking for a solution, you should probably check out dust plugs. Dust plug design is small so it can fit snugly into the jack on the top or side of your phone. There are even some that are for the connector ports on the bottom of your phone.

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What does Dust plug do?

They act as shields between the sensitive equipment in your device’s ports and the outside world. Some dust plugs also have metal contacts on them, so as to deactivate your phone’s speaker, And dust plugs come in various designs, some fancier than most. (earphone jack plug buy)

They act as barriers between your device’s sensitive ports and the outside world. They are small protector plugs made to fit them like a glove and not let anything in, be it dust, water, or sand.

You can use port plug anytime, anywhere. They are excellent for people who work in construction or at the beach where devices often meet their premature death at the hand of sand and debris.

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Earphone Jack Plug

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