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Cell Phone Dust Plug, Micro USB Charging Port + Earphone Port Dust Plug For Android Devices

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Cell phone Dust plug


  • Brand Name: CatXaa
  • Type: Charging Port Dust Plug (Cell phone Dust plug)
  • Note: Micro USB Charging Port + Earphone Port Dust Plug
  • Earphone dust plug also can use as retrieve card pin

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Description: (Cell phone Dust plug)

Port Plugs will provide a level of liquid resistance to your power, headphone, and data ports in the event of rain, snow, water splashing. Port Plugs are designed to be used in conjunction with your phone case to provide an extra layer of defense from dirt, dust, rain and other containments. Also, it can remove your sim card, simply insert that pin into the tiny hole next to the sim card slot on your apple device and apply pressure. This simple process will allow you to easily access your SIM card, enabling you to switch devices as needed. (Cell phone Dust plug)

Advantages of Dust Plugs:

The materials are safe and the designs are subtle. There is a plug for most any device, providing true versatility and dependability. The value of a dust plug is high, especially for this price. We are constantly coming up with ways to create new, innovative designs that provide multiple functions and features to fit any lifestyle. (Cell phone Dust plug)

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charger port dust plug

Therefore, dust plugs and port covers are so important.

  • Dust plugs are smooth and discreet, blending in with your phone and casing. They are affordable, offered in sets, or as individual pieces.
  • They are practical and work simply by providing a solid barrier between the outside environment and your sensitive ports.
  • It prevents damage to your 3.5 mm headphone jack port, allowing your music to playback problem free. (Cell phone Dust plug)
  • They protect data ports, Android charging ports, micro USB ports, and more from damaging debris.
  • Dust plugs do this and more, so you can stay connected, and your device can be right there with you. Therefore,  dust plugs are an essential everyday tool and accessory.

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Read about how to clean a headphone jack.

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Charging Port Dust Plug

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