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Anti Dust Plug, Type C, Earphone Jack, SIM Card Dust Plug For Android Device

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Anti dust plug for phone


  • Brand Name: IPUMYNO
  • Type: Charge port for Type C
  • Model: Aluminium alloy only for Type-C Dust plug
  • Earphone Jack Diameter: 3.5 mm (Anti dust plug for phone)
  • Compatible for: Type-C USB android phones

Details: (anti dust plug for phone)

  • Material plug for all type-c devices: Soft plug provide your device max protection; Perfect for charging part; Precisely made plug, easy for installing and removing.
  • Protect your device from dust and grime.
  • Multi-functional: Not only protect earphone jack but also can be used as a SIM card tray open eject needle.
  • Premium & durable: Protect your device from water, dust, and grime. (Anti dust plug for phone)

anti dust earphone plug


Dust plug serves a valid purpose in phone protection by sealing up the hole in the top of your phone to keep dust and moisture away from important interior areas. In actuality, these little plugs are important for other devices as well. Perhaps the electronic devices which benefit the most from them are tablets.

The materials are safe and the designs are subtle. There is a plug for most any device, providing true versatility and dependability. The value of a dust plug is unbeatable, especially for the cost. We are constantly coming up with ways to create new, innovative designs that provide multiple functions and features to fit any lifestyle. (Anti dust plug for phone)

How dust plugs work:

Most of us do what we can to prolong their lifespan, but there is a lot of danger for them out there in the world. Anything from water splashes and dust to pocket lint can shorten your device’s life and turn them into a useless brick. You need to do everything you can to protect your investment.

anti dust plug for mobile

So what can you do to protect them?

Dust plug act like barriers between your device’s sensitive ports and the outside world. They are a small protector plugs made to fit them like a glove and not let anything in, be it dust, water, or sand. (Anti dust plug for phone)
You can use the port plugs anytime, anywhere. They are excellent for people who work in construction or at the beach where devices often meet their premature death at the hand of sand and debris.

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It is only suitable for Android type-C interface, not micro USB. (Anti dust plug for phone)

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Charge Port For Type C

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