Protective iPhone 6s Case, For iphone XS MAX/XR/X/10/6/6s plus/7/8 plus
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iPhone XS MAX, XR, X, 6/6s plus, 7/8 plus Case

  • For iPhone 11For iPhone 11
  • For iphone 11ProFor iphone 11Pro
  • For iPhone 12For iPhone 12
  • For iPhone 12 miniFor iPhone 12 mini
  • for iphone 12Profor iphone 12Pro
  • for iphone 12ProMaxfor iphone 12ProMax
  • For iPhone 5 5S SEFor iPhone 5 5S SE
  • for iPhone 6 or 6sfor iPhone 6 or 6s
  • for iphone 6plusfor iphone 6plus
  • for iphone 6Splusfor iphone 6Splus
  • For Iphone 7For Iphone 7
  • for iphone 7plusfor iphone 7plus
  • For Iphone 8For Iphone 8
  • for iphone 8plusfor iphone 8plus
  • For Iphone XFor Iphone X
  • For Iphone XRFor Iphone XR
  • For iPhone XSFor iPhone XS
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Highly recommended as a Protective iPhone 6s Case and also a great case for other iPhones (protective iPhone 6s case)

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Types of material for the Protective iPhone 6s Case or other iPhones:

Rubber: Rubber is a common material for shield cases. The benefits of using premium tires, telephone cases, effective elasticity to protect your device from a stroke or accidental injury

Gel / Silicone: For people who do not know, this is the main component that is widely used to make phone cases. Silicone is flexible and easy for people who have items on their phone or out of it. (protective iPhone 6s case)
Leather: In principle, leather is often used for sleeves and wallets. With leather, you will have the opportunity to experience durability for long-term use, but also a sleek performance to reveal the elegance.
Metal: Provide the best protection. However, using metal means that when paying bills, more weight, and especially the dollar, will be higher.
Cotton or canvas: Obviously, in cases where your phone is not careful, telephone calls require heavy work to prevent serious damage. (protective iPhone 6s case)

We recommend you to read this article about the benefits of phone cases.

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Screen saver

The screen saver is exactly what its name means (protects your screen). These are generally plastic or glass slices that fit perfectly on your screen to prevent any scratches on your screen.

Now screen savers are listed in two different types: plastic and glass. The plastic shields are generally flexible and protect the scratches. The glass protectors are a really thin sheet of glass that not only provides scratch protection but also provides a little power on the screen of your phone. (protective iPhone 6s case)

Packaging details

  • Unit type: the piece
  • Package weight: 0.05kg (0.11lb.)

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Compatible iPhone Model

iPhone 6s, iPhone 7, iPhone 5s, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone SE, iPhone 8, iPhone 5, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 8 Plus

Retail Package



Glossy, Patterned, Transparent, Geometric


Anti-knock, Dirt-resistant

Brand Name



Fitted Case

Compatible Brand

Apple iPhones

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