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    Samsung Phone Series Armor Cases, Samsung Silicone Cover

    • ClearClear
    • A5 2017 A520A5 2017 A520
    • A6 2018A6 2018
    • A6 Plus 2018A6 Plus 2018
    • A6sA6s
    • A7 2017 A720A7 2017 A720
    • A7 2018 A750A7 2018 A750
    • A8 2018A8 2018
    • A8 Plus 2018A8 Plus 2018
    • J3 2017 J330J3 2017 J330
    • J4 2018J4 2018
    • J4 PlusJ4 Plus
    • J5 2017 J530J5 2017 J530
    • J6 2018J6 2018
    • J6 PlusJ6 Plus
    • J7 2017 J730J7 2017 J730
    • J8 2018J8 2018
    • Note 8Note 8
    • Note 9Note 9
    • S10S10
    • S10 LiteS10 Lite
    • S10 PlusS10 Plus
    • S7S7
    • S7 EdgeS7 Edge
    • S8S8
    • S8 PlusS8 Plus
    • S9S9
    • S9 PlusS9 Plus

    Samsung silicone cover


    • Brand Name: Wolkerfly
    • Compatible Brand: Samsung
    • Compatible Samsung Model: S6, S6 edge, S7, S7 Edge, S8, S8 Plus, Note 8, S9, S9 Plus, S10, S10 Plus, S10 Lite, S10 Lite Plus, J Series, A Series
    • Retail Package: No (Samsung silicone cover)
    • Design: Glossy, Business, Plain, Transparent, Sports
    • Function: Heavy Duty Protection, Dirt-resistant
    • Type: Fitted Case


    • 100% Brand new good quality and durable material fresh, colorful, stylish.
    • Ultra-Thin 360 full soft TPU case.
    • Protect your cell phone from dust, scratching, valuable investment from the scratched and damage.
    • Fashion highly phone accessories. (Samsung silicone cover)
    • Slim, Thin, Transparent, Clear shockproof.

    clear silicone cover

    Description: (Samsung silicone cover)

    Mobile phones have become much more than just a device to contact your friends or relatives. As the new phones keep launching one by one, the need of protecting their fragile bodies seems to be equally essential. The usage of a phone is so frequent that it requires being secured from dents, scratches, and cracks. But it is sometimes difficult to choose the right cover that protects your phone without spoiling its looks. Covers come in various sizes, style, material, and silicon is one of them. (Samsung silicone cover)

    Silicone covers are created to extend the life of ordinary cases made of plastic and similar liquids or gels. But these designer phone assures your phone’s safety along with preventing scratched and cracks. They are light weighted, and that is why highly popular among smartphone users.

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    clear silicone phone case

    Why should we prefer silicon phone covers?

    • Many think silicone cases are not as capable as leather or plastic to prevent the damage. But in fact, silicone covers hardly interfere with the natural usage of the phone and keeps the device secure most of the time. (Samsung silicone cover)
    • As most of you keep the phone in your pocket, light weighted and slim skin cover would be a highly preferred aspect. Silicone itself is a lightweight material so keeps the overall weight of your phone minimal.
    • This product is soft and transparent, and it is shockproof, so make sure you don’t regret buying it.


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    Compatible Samsung Model

    Galaxy S6 edge, Galaxy S8 Plus, Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy S7, Galaxy S9, Galaxy S7 Edge, Galaxy J Series, Galaxy S6, Galaxy A Series, Galaxy S9 Plus, Galaxy S8

    Retail Package



    Glossy, Business, Plain, Transparent, Sports

    Brand Name



    Heavy Duty Protection, Dirt-resistant

    Compatible Brand



    Fitted Case

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