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    Samsung Original Car Charger + USB Type-C, 9V/ 1.67A, Universal

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    • Brand Name: Samsung
    • Type: Car Charger
    • Model Number: Samsung S8/S8 plus note 8
    • Support Quick Charge Technology: USB PD, Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0, Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0, Samsung Adaptive Fast Charge
    • Power Source: Car Lighter Slot, A.C. Source, USB
    • Input: 100-240V/0.15A
    • Output: 9V/1.67A
    • USB Ports: 2
    • Quality Certification: RoHS, CE, CCC
    • Output Interface: USB, Type C

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    Description: (car charger buy online)

    The demands of doing business today cause the use of phones and other mobile devices on the go. There are many things you have to take care of on a daily basis which makes you forget to charge your phone. To ensure that your phone does not run out of power, have multiple chargers. It is essential to have a phone charger in the workplace, at home, and also in your car.

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    Some benefits you get from a USB car charger:

    Charging while traveling:

    When you are traveling on the road and do not have access to your home sockets, then a USB charger is the best alternative at your disposal. It helps you to keep your phone and other equipment alive so you do not miss out on any call!

    A boon for the working class:

    The working class has to spend quite a few hours every week while traveling. Besides, they also have to travel out of town occasionally to attend meetings. A USB car charger comes as a boon to them since they cannot really afford to become disconnected with their phones and iPhones.

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    Multiple charging:

    A device like a Dual USB car charger gives you, multiple charging options. So, you can connect two of your devices at once and get it charged easily.

    Charging while speaking:

    Another minor benefit is that one can continue to talk on the phone even while putting it for the charge.
    Small and light: A dual USB car charger is small and light. Its volume is low and so it fits in easily into the small space of your car.

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    Support Quick Charge Technology

    USB PD, Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0, Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0, Samsung Adaptive Fast Charge

    Power Source

    Car Lighter Slot, A.C. Source, USB


    Car Charger



    Compatible Brand


    Brand Name


    USB Ports


    Quality Certification

    RoHS, CE, CCC

    Output Interface

    USB, Type C



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