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    Samsung Fast Charger, Micro USB Cable, Original

    • Charger X 1.0M CableCharger X 1.0M Cable
    • Charger X 1.2M CableCharger X 1.2M Cable
    • Charger X 1.5M CableCharger X 1.5M Cable
    • Only 100cm CableOnly 100cm Cable
    • Only 120cm CableOnly 120cm Cable
    • Only 150cm CableOnly 150cm Cable
    • Only EU ChargerOnly EU Charger

    Samsung fast charger buy


    • Brand Name: Xiaomi
    • Compatible Brand: Universal
    • Support Quick Charge Technology: Samsung Adaptive Fast Charge
    • Quality Certification: CE, RoHS, FCC, CCC, WEEE, GS
    • Output Interface: USB
    • Power Source: A.C. Source, USB
    • USB Ports: 1 (Samsung fast charger buy)
    • Output: 9V/2A
    • Input: 100-240V/0.6A
    • Type: Travel

    Features: (Samsung fast charger buy)

    • Original for Samsung Fast USB Wall Charger.
    • 1M/1.2M/1.5M Micro USB Cable, The Cable Support Data Transmission.
    • Fit for all Micro USB smartphones.

    How does fast charging work:

    best buy samsung fast charger

    All smartphone has a battery, and every battery delivers power in more or less the same way.
    Cells comprising two electrodes (one positive and one negative) and electrolyte catalyze reactions that convert compounds into new substances. Over time, ions — atoms with too few or too many electrons — form in the electrodes, driving a flow of electrons to the battery’s negative outer terminal and supplying your phone with an electric charge.

    In nonchargeable batteries, those chemical reactions occur only once. But in the rechargeable lithium-ion batteries of those power smartphones, the reactions are “reversible.” When the battery discharges, the chemical return produces electricity, and when the battery recharges, the chemical reactions absorb power. (Samsung fast charger buy)

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    Fast charging advantages:

    original samsung fast charger

    Fast charging is key for those products that require mobility, include smartphones. When the greater the efficiency, the lower is the dependence on cables and current outlets. Also, if the batteries reach their performance levels, they will suffer. So, this function is ideal to keep our devices ready and at maximum effectiveness.

    The main advantage it offers us is the speed with which the device charges. Since now with this technology, there are models that about 45 minutes have been completely loaded. So it is an ideal option if we have to travel or have to use the phone constantly for our work. (Samsung fast charger buy)

    In addition, the fast charging system dynamically regulates the power and intensity that the charger must supply to the phone. So the load is not linear and predictable as in a normal charging system. This makes the first few minutes much faster, but as the load progresses it reduces the intensity. It is precisely this that protects the integrity of the battery, preventing overloads.

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    Compatible Brand

    Meizu, LG, xiaomi, Nokia, SONY, Motorola, Blackberry, HTC, Huawei, Samsung, Universal, Other



    Quality Certification


    Output Interface


    Power Source

    A.C. Source, USB

    USB Ports


    Brand Name


    Support Quick Charge Technology

    Samsung Adaptive Fast Charge





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