Samsung Original Battery Buy, 3100mAh Battery For Galaxy j5
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Samsung Original Battery For Galaxy J5 Edition J510/ J510FN/ J510F/ J510G/ J510Y/ J510M, 3100mAh

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Samsung original battery buy


  • Brand Name: Samsung
  • Model Number: EB-BJ510CBE
  • Original or Not: Original
  • Battery Capacity (MAH): 2801mAh-3500mAh
  • Capacity: 3100 MAH  (Samsung original battery buy)
  • Quality Certification: CE
  • Compatible with: For Galaxy J5 2016 Edition J510 J510FN J510F J510G J510Y J510M


Battery chip:

Built-in smart chip, intelligent matching current, protection of the battery under high condition. High quality and capacity steady chip. Same program for phone original battery.

samsung j5 battery original

120000 times:

Battery chip has been tested over 120000 times, to make sure steady and quality.  (Samsung original battery buy)

Without the trouble of electricity:
You need a battery that will lock electricity and make it more durable. (Samsung original battery buy)

samsung original battery buyBattery maintenance tips:
Reasonable batteries can prolong the life of the battery.

samsung original battery buy online

Description: (Samsung original battery buy)

It’s harder to replace your phone’s lithium-ion battery than it is to treat it right in the first place. Many smartphones don’t provide easy user access to their batteries. That includes all iPhones and many flagship Android phones from brands such as Samsung. There are also environmental concerns. Smartphones are, frankly, an environmental disaster and extending the lifespan of your phone battery helps mitigate that.

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Some tips to extend the lifespan of phone battery:

Avoid extremes of heat and cold:

If your phone gets hot or cold, it can strain the battery and shorten its lifespan. Leaving it in your car would probably be the worst culprit if it’s hot and sunny outside or below freezing in winter.

Avoid fast charging:

Charging your phone quickly stresses the battery. Unless you really need it, avoid using fast charging. (Samsung original battery buy)

In fact, the slower you charge your battery the better, so if you don’t mind slow charging overnight, go for it. Charging your phone from your computer and certain smart plugs can limit the voltage going into your phone, slowing its charge rate. Some external battery packs might slow the speed of charging, but I’m not sure about that.

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