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    Samsung Battery, Grand Prime J3, J320F, j2 prime, G5308W, G530, G530H, G531F, J5

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    Best Samsung battery


    • Brand Name: Samsung
    • Compatible Brand: Samsung
    • Original or Not: Original
    • Voltage limit: 4.35V
    • Battery Capacity(mAh): 2201mAh-2800mAh
    • Model Number: EB-BG530BBC
    • Quality Certification: CE (Best Samsung battery)
    • Product Attributes: 100% Original Genuine
    • Battery Model: EB-BG530BBC/ EB-BG530BBE/EB-BG530CBU/EB-BG530CBE/ EB-BG531BBE(these 5 battery model number is universal for the same phone)
    • Compatible with: Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime G5308W j3 2016    j2 prime   G530 G5306 G530F G530FZ G530Y G530H G531 G5306 G531F G513M SM-G531H J3119 SM-J3110 J500 On5  J5 2015 2600mAh
    • Packing specification: bulk package (bubble envelope bag)

    Best Samsung battery description

    Important: Please remember that a new Lithium-Ion battery’s full performance and longevity is only achieved after 2 to 3 complete charge and discharge cycles. After you go through 2 to 3 cycles, you’ll never have to condition your battery again!
    We recommend you to read this article about galaxy S9+ vs iPhone XR.

    All talk and standby times are approximate, depending upon carrier’s network settings, signal strength, and features selected. Talk and Standby times will be lower in Analog mode as noted above. (Best Samsung battery)

    Some things you can do to keep your phone’s battery life extended:

    1. Find out how your phone battery is reduced.

    With each charging cycle, the battery of your handset is slightly reduced. A charge cycle is a full discharge and battery charge, from 0% to 100%. Minor costs are calculated as a fraction of a cycle. For example, charging your phone from 50% to 100%, the half cycle will be charged. Do this twice and have a full charge cycle. Some phone owners charge more through a full charge cycle for a day, others go through less.

    Battery manufacturers say that after about 400 cycles, the battery capacity of the phone will drop by 20%. It was only able to save 80% of the energy that was originally and will continue to be undermined by additional cycles. Best Samsung battery)

    Here are two general types of suggestions. Suggestions to increase your energy consumption, reduce battery consumption by reducing these charging cycles. Reducing screen brightness can be an example of this type of offer. There are also suggestions to reduce the stress and strain on your battery, which directly affects your life span.

    2. Avoid dropping your phone battery by 0% or recharge it all 100%.

    Newer batteries work on the phone. Phone batteries will get happier if you hold them up to 20% and less than 90%. For very accurate, they have about 50% joy

    Considering this, it may be to the microcontroller. But when I had my first smartphone, I thought the battery was used, so I completely unloaded it and paid it 100%. Now that I know more about how the battery works, I usually attach it to it before dropping it to 20% and attach it to it before I fully accuse it. (Best Samsung battery)

    Packaging details

    • Unit type: the piece
    • Package weight: 0.01kg (0.02lb.)

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