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    Silicone Camera Case For Nikon Series, Soft Body Cover Case

    • D3400 BlackD3400 Black
    • D3400 camouflageD3400 camouflage
    • D3400 redD3400 red
    • D3400 yellowD3400 yellow
    • D5500 D5600 BlackD5500 D5600 Black
    • D5500 D5600camouflagD5500 D5600camouflag
    • D7100D7200camouflageD7100D7200camouflage
    • D7200 D7100 BlackD7200 D7100 Black
    • D7200 D7100 redD7200 D7100 red
    • D7200 D7100 yellowD7200 D7100 yellow
    • D750 BlackD750 Black
    • D750 camouflageD750 camouflage
    • D750 redD750 red
    • D750 yellowD750 yellow
    • D7500 BlackD7500 Black
    • D7500 camouflageD7500 camouflage
    • D7500 redD7500 red
    • D7500 yellowD7500 yellow

    Silicone camera case


    • Use: DSLR Camera
    • Style: Triangle package
    • Model Number: D7200/ D7100
    • Type: Camera Bags (silicone camera case)
    • Color: Yellow,  Black. Camouflage.


    best buy nikon camera case

    • It is made of stretchable, tenacious, soft high quality, healthy material.
    • Silicone camera cover, soft, durable and washable, perfect your camera.
    • Protect housing and keypad against scratching, scraping and abrasion, moreover all function can be used freely.
    • Good touch feeling. (silicone camera case)
    • Compatible for Nikon D7200 D7100.
    • Lightweight and Durable material: Compact, light, and durable design.
    • Ergonomic Design: Internal soft design gives you a soft and comfortable touch, Lightweight, convenient to carry.
    • Simple and easy to use: Protect your camera and install on your tripod at the same time

    Description of silicone camera case:

    There are cutouts for the dials and screens and for some buttons. Some other buttons are covered over, but their position and label are marked on the cover. There’s also a flap that goes over the hot shoe, and it has a grooved bottom that means you can slide it into the hot show and it’ll hold in place. If you need to use the hot shoe for a flash or remote commander, you can easily fold the flap back. (silicone camera case)

    camera silicone cover

    Does it add protection against water?

    It’s important to note that it does not make the camera waterproof. Most of the moving parts, buttons, and doors remain exposed so you can operate them.

    Perhaps it adds extra protection against damp conditions because the silicon covers more surface area that reduces the amount of surface area on the camera itself that water can drop directly on, but this is not a waterproof cover.

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    Does it offer protection against knocks?

    Some. This is not some magic suit of armor for your camera, but it adds an extra layer of shock-absorbent silicone around many of the exposed areas of the body. It’s only a thin layer, though, so you’ll need realistic expectations of how strong a knock it will protect against.

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    silicone case for camera


    silicone instant camera case

    D5500/ D5600

    nikon d7200 silicone covernikon d7200 silicone cover


    silicone camera cover

    silicone camera coversilicone case for camera


    DSLR Camera


    Triangle package


    Camera Bags

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