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Silicone Necklace Mold, UV Liquid Silicone For DIY Love Heart Jewelry, 1pcs

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Silicone necklace mold


  • Brand Name: MIZUKAGAMI
  • Material: Silicone
  • Equipment Type: Molds
  • Item Type: Jewelry Tools & Equipment 
  • Model Number: DJ (silicone necklace mold)
  • Item Weight: 30g
  • Quality: 1pcs

Silicon mold: (silicone necklace mold)

Cures at room temperature. Great for creating molds from traditional wax carvings or when minimal shrinkage is required.  Liquid rubber requires an overnight cure.

These reusable resin molds are to made of two parts of silicon and can be used for several years.

Very flexible. Silicone molds allow you to make complex castings that are much easier to remove than plastic molds.

When making the jewelry, It’s may require pressure to spill on the silicon, Unless you use a silicon mold, when you pour it into silicon, you do not see all the bubbles of the resin and You may need to adjust the casting pressure to make sure all the bubbles are in place before the resin takes. (silicone necklace mold)

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silicone mold for jewelry

Some tips to care silicon mold: (silicone necklace mold)

  • Store your silicone molds in a single, flat layer. Storing them in a pile may cause them to bend and warp. Once a silicone mold is warped, they can not undo it. Hint: To create more storage space, use a piece of cardboard on top of a layer of molds to create a new storage layer. Be sure to evenly distribute the molds on the next layer.
  • Store your silicone molds cool, dry area, out of direct sunlight. Excessive heat can cause the molds to warp or breakdown.
  • If you will not be using your silicone mold for a while, consider storing a casting in the mold to help ensure it will keep its shape. Hint: if it’s an intricate mold and you’re worried about getting the model back into the mold, try pouring warm candle wax into the mold. It should easily demo later. (silicone necklace mold)
  • When finished with your silicone mold, wash it with warm water and mild soap before storing. Do not use solvents to clean your mold and do not place it in the dishwasher. Make sure your molds are dry before storing.

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