Best Teeth Whitening Trays, Dental Equipment, 1 pair
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Best Teeth Whitening Trays, Dental Equipment, 1 pair

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The best teeth whitening trays


  • Brand Name: poseida
  • Item Type: Teeth Whitening
  • Size: Moderate
  • Model Number: none (the best teeth whitening trays)
  • Ingredient: Plastic
  • NET WT: 8g
  • Color: Transparent

How to use:

  • Submerge the mouth trays into over 80 °C hot water for 5 seconds, remove the tray from the hot water and let it cool for 10 seconds.
  • Place the trays on your teeth to form an impression.
  • Trim the former trays, cutting at the gum-line. (the best teeth whitening trays)
  • Apply the whitening gel in each tray to whiten your teeth.

whitening teeth transparent


If you avoid smiling because your teeth aren’t as white as they could be, you have safe and simple options to improve your smile alongside brushing and flossing. One option is a bleaching procedure that uses custom whitening trays to put that healthy look back into your mouth without the expense of costly, generic cosmetic treatment.

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How do whitening  trays work?

It typically makes over-the-counter teeth of a flexible material that molds to your teeth. The material fits around your teeth gently and allows for whitening on the surface and in between your teeth. Dental professionals can also dispense custom-made molds that have been created just for you and therefore fit in your mouth and directly over your teeth perfectly. Some teeth whitening trays are refilled with a peroxide-based whitening agent, while others come with syringes of whitening gel that can be dispensed as needed by the user. Each of the teeth bleaching trays is refilled with the amount of a peroxide-based whitening gel similar to what is used in popular whitening strips and other over-the-counter whitening products. Most systems will include a full set of disposable trays.

Either way, teeth whitening trays usually require a longer daily application time than many whitening options. It uses some for hours at a time, while others recommend the overnight application, during which you should not eat or drink. Alternatively, the Advanced Seal technology in Crest 3D White strips allows you to talk, drink water and carry on with your daily routine.

Packing Content:

1 x Pair teeth whitening trays.

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Teeth Whitening

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