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    Surgery Beauty Instruments Kit, Plastic Tools

    $579.14 $463.31

    Best surgical instruments


    • Brand Name: QSWTITAN
    • Item Type: Toiletry Kits
    • Size: M
    • Material: High-quality stainless steel
    • One set: 10 pcs

    Best surgical instruments description

    The following items in one set:

    • 12.5cm curved scissor – 1pcs
    • 12.5cm straight scissor – 1pcs
    • 12cm forceps with teeth – 1pcs
    • 12cm forceps without teeth – 1pcs
    • 12.5cm needle holder – 1pcs
    • Dimple forceps – 1pcs
    • Dimple drill collar φ4mm – 1pcs
    • knife handle (3#) – 1pcs (Best surgical instruments)
    • sterilization box – 1pcs


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    Packaging details

    • Unit type: a piece
    • Package weight: 1.2kg (2.65lb.)

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    Item Type

    Toiletry Kits

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