Nail Drill Bit Cleaner, Manicure Brush Cleaner, Nails Equipment, 1pcs
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Nail Drill Bit Cleaner Box, Manicure Brush Cleaner, Nails Equipment, 1pcs


Nail drill bit cleaner


  • Brand Name: Full Beauty
  • Model Number: NJ217
  • Item Condition: 100% Brand new
  • Box-Material: Plastic (nail drill bit cleaner)
  • Item Type: Nail Art Equipment
  • Designs: Nail Drill Bit Cleaning Brush Box
  • Size: 40g
  • Commodity Quality Certification: 3C
  • Customized: Yes
  • Color: Rose Red


  • White brush: Nylon (The material as the toothbrush head)
  • Brown brush: Metal


100% New Brand and High Quality.
Very Convenient and Effective to clean the nail drill bit.
Double use:
1. The white brush is soft. To clean the place easy to clean. (nail drill bit cleaner)
2. The Brown brush is hard. To clean the place uneasy to clean.

best nail cleaning brush

How to use:

Open the electric nail drill machinist make the nail drill bit rotate and make the nail drill bit come
near the brush, then let them rub. Finally, the nail drill bit is clean.

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How to clean and sanitize drill bits:

If you’ll have a nail drill and assorted bits, you might think you need not worry if you only use them on yourself. Not true! It’s still smart to sanitize the bits to keep your nails healthy. (nail drill bit cleaner)

The amount of complaints caused by lifted acrylic is immense, which is why removing it with electric nail files is strongly recommended.

Once you’re done with the bits, use a brush to remove dust and skin. Then wash them with soap and water. If you see embedded polish, soak the bits in acetone for a few minutes. It won’t sanitize them, but it will dissolve the polish.

Finally, dip the bits in a disinfectant to finish the process. This might be as simple as isotropic alcohol if your machine is only for personal use. Or you might need a professional-grade solution if you do other people’s nails.

But the best way to clean your manicure products, with this machine you can easily clean the manicure tools, be sure to not regret buying this product.

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Item Type

Nail Art Equipment

Brand Name

Full Beauty

Commodity Quality Certification




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