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    Medical Power Connector, 8pin Plug Sockets, SZJELEN, FGG.1B.308/ PHG.1B.308

    • FGG and phgFGG and phg
    • FGG.1B.305FGG.1B.305
    • PHG.1B.308PHG.1B.308

    Medical power connector


    • Brand Name: SZJELEN
    • Model Number: FGG/ PHG.1B.308

    What is a medical connector? (medical power connector)

    Connections in medical devices encompass a variety of styles, including those that make electrical connections within medical machines and systems,

    and those used to latch and unlatch tubing in medical devices.

    They use connectors to transfer power, it can design signal, data or media for just one of these operations or as hybrid systems. (medical power connector)

    No matter what type, they must all be safe and hygienic.

    Electrical connections:

    It often uses electrical medical connectors and cables in MRI, ultrasound, defibrillators, EKG, heart-lung machines, surgical, diagnostic and therapy systems, etc.

    As a result, reliability is critical. (medical power connector)

    These connectors must be easy for trained professionals to use and connect and disconnect, but also fool-proof to prevent untrained users from damaging or mating cables incorrectly.

    It is important to consider the following when selecting it, for medical applications as these factors will all impact your choice:

    • Tubing size, both inner and outer diameter.
    • Termination type, including hose barb, compression fittings and push-to-connect.
    • The flow rate and pressure.
    • ID size for hose barbs, OD for push-in fittings and tube ID and OD for compression.
    • Valve designs, such as integral valves, flush-face designs, poppet-style. (medical power connector)
    • Mounting and configuration, such as panel mount or direct mounting into NPT thread or ports.
    • Connector quality—even the most minute defect or jagged edge could lead to leaks or tears in other materials.
    • Finally, connector materials used must also be considered, as a variety of fluids and it uses gases in medical applications and the fluid must be compatible with the thermoplastics, metal alloys and sealing materials.

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    • LEMO connector B series 00B / 0B / 1B / 2B / 3B specifications, according to your needs to select the specifications. FGG plug connector comes in black tails.

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