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    Medical Beauty equipment, SZLEJEN Brand, dedicated connector, Beauty instrument-specific, plug 2 pin


    Best medical equipment


    • Model Number: SZLEJEN Connector 1P(Single Positioning Pins)

    Best medical equipment description

    In addition to sterilization, electromagnetic interference protection (EMI), and penetration protection rating (IP), medical device designers should consider the following connection features to ensure optimal performance.

    Connector size

    Take a close look at the people who manage the communication. A patient who is ill and self-managed requires different needs than a caregiver or medical profession. Make sure the connection is small enough to meet the design needs, but it’s enough for anyone to use it. In addition, take a look at the connectivity specifications. When it comes to wearable, the profile is lower, it’s better. Best medical equipment.

    Torque connectors

    Many of the connections are designed to be difficult to connect or disconnect. Make sure that the connection is easy enough to connect and disconnect when needed, but difficult to accidentally disconnect.

    Shape and locking types

    Circular tensile fasteners are suitable for wearing because there are no tabs to cut off, rectangles for your spatial awareness or types of unwanted USB when you can not find the perfect way to Finding a connection does not matter how much you get it. Circular connectors can also provide quick/unlocked or screw-locked solutions if they need to be kept in high vibration programs. Best medical equipment.

    plastic medical connectors

    Cable management

    folders and devices moving around a lot require planning ahead for both cable lengths and operational mobility, or how cables should move with the individual or device. Think about wearing sewing cables to damage or ruin the ability of the patent, and make sure it is enough, but the cable is not enough. You can even consider providing different cable lengths. In addition, robotic devices and ecosystems with embedded sensors require security cable systems. Best medical equipment.

    EMI Shielding

    More technology in this area, the more you need EMI protection to protect the system from noise. But you can not try to protect EMI just because it uses a product at home. Medical devices are often critical, so you can not significantly reduce electrical interference on the basis of home use. Best medical equipment.


    More connectors in the design, the more color code you want to consider. To minimize the number of colors required, multi-functional connections are capable of transmitting signal and power, or air and signal. Connected materials can often be ordered in a variety of colors and in a loop that is connected to the connector or cable color widely available.

    Packaging details

    • Unit type: a piece
    • Package weight: 0.002kg (0.00lb.)

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