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    Wall Mount Mirror, Double Sided/ Magnification Makeup Mirror, 7″ , ANHO

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    Best wall mount mirror


    • Brand Name: ANHO
    • Style: Modern
    • Type: Magnifying, 2-Face, Dual Arm Extend
    • Model Number: BIC-0020B-1A
    • Form: Framed Mirrors
    • Mirror Shape: Round (best wall mount mirror)
    • Light: Not Equipped
    • Frame Material: chrome finished
    • Mirror Material: Glass
    • Size: 7 inches

    best wall mount mirror


    • Made of high-quality chrome finished & glass, brand new and have a modern & beauty appearance.
    • 2 adjustable arms connected to the mirror, allows a free rotating mirror in 360-degree direction for your application.
    • Double-sided design with 1×/5×, applying in make-up and other beauty treatments that require higher precision, such as wearing contact lenses, make-up, shaving, etc
    • 1×/5× magnification double side can help one closely examine pores for you to see your facial features and make the more perfect makeup with each detail taken care of. Ideal for makeup applications.
    • Strong packaging can make the mirror never cracked or shattered when safe reach in your hand. (best wall mount mirror)
    • Easy to use and install.

    best wall mount mirror

    Chrome finish:

    Crafted from stainless steel, brass and chrome plated, this mirror is solid, stylish and rust resistant; solid soldering of joints; the trimmed rim of the mirror and mounting plate.

    Humanized free rotation:
    It is connected to a long arm, 8.3 inches and a short arm, 3.7 inches. The two parts can swivel. When not in use, can hold it against the wall side. (best wall mount mirror)

    best wall mount mirror

    Some reasons to fit wall mount mirror:

    Reflects different angles:

    One of the best things about fitting a wall-mounted pivot mirror is being able to see your face from different angles. This isn’t all about vanity — seeing your face from different angles makes it easier to shave or put on makeup. Instead of having to keep turning your face to the side or lifting your chin to try seeing where you’re going, you’ll just direct the mirror making it easier to shave those trickier spots. Equally, you can move the mirror while applying makeup to ensure an even coat across all areas. (best wall mount mirror)

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    best wall mounted makeup mirror

    Provides a closer look:

    Most mirrors that pivot outwards can also be turned on their axis providing two different sides; one will be normal, but the other will magnify your reflection. If you need to apply makeup around your eyes, squeeze a small blackhead, pull out a small hair or even just check out your pores, it’s nice to have a mirror right at hand that can give you a closer look at your skin.

    buy makeup mirror wall mount

    Package included:

    • 1x Wall Mounted Make-up Mirror.
    • 1x Pack of Fixing Screws.

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    Magnifying, 2-Face, Dual Arm Extend


    Framed Mirrors

    Mirror Shape



    Not Equipped

    Frame Material

     Chrome Finished

    Brand Name


    Mirror Material



    7 inches

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