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    Slimming Beauty Equipment, 2019 New, 40K, Cavitation, Frequency, Vacuum, Bipolar, RF Machine

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    Best slimming equipment


    • Brand Name: artmex
    • Power Source: EU,UK,AU,US
    • Material: PLASTIC
    • Power Source: None Electric
    • Size: 58CMX45CMX40CM
    • Standard Voltage: 110V
    • False Eyelash Craft: Machine Made

    Best slimming equipment description

    best slimming machines

    Instrument function and treatment principles:

    Vacuum bipolar rf handle

    The body equipment, the most advanced single-rate negative-turbine speed technology, and innovative 3D technology with the patented roller axis are controlled by microcomputer chips and have an anti-geocentric absorption effect on the skin.

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    The absorption and expansion of connective tissues of various tissues through rhythmic massage and effectively subcutaneous fat reduction and accumulation of cellular tissue from fat, the use of inventions for deep massage of various parts of the body, creating a layer of fat Dermis, Corium and Subcutaneous and Lymphatic Vasodilatation of the microcosm At the same time, promoting metabolism and creating fat cells in inactive motion to fatty acids, even in toxic cells, in vitro lymphatic system, detoxification increases the function by up to four times. It can be done manually by any other means. At the same time, the skin is more luminous and shiny. It is the “healthy body sculpture management” expert. Buy slimming equipment

    40Khz Ultrasonic handle

    Strong sound wave explosion fat head

    This may cause an effective consumption of calories and moisture in fat cells and reduce the size of fat cells. In addition, the sound wave vibration causes the fatty cells to be severely impacted by exploding them immediately, decreasing the number of fat cells, and thus achieving the effects of fat removal.

    Laser Principle:

    By laser irradiation to promote excretion and metabolism of fat, by laser irradiation because after laser make it metabolic process more strengthened.

    Best cavitation slimming equipment.

    Packaging details

    • Unit type: a piece
    • Package weight: 16.5kg (36.38lb.)

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    Power Source

    EU, UK, AU, US, None Electric

    Standard Voltage




    False Eyelash Craft

    Machine Made

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