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    3D Mask, LED, Color Mask, Color Light, Beauty Instrument, Photon, Skin Rejuvenation Instrument, Whitening Beauty Equipment

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    • Item Type: Masks
    • Functions: Microcurrent Electrode Stimulate Massager, Face Acne, Wrinkle Removal, Skin Rejuvenation
    • Quantity: 1set
    • Size: 47*31.5*18cm
    • Application Scenarios: Home Use /Beauty Salon/Clinic Use etc
    • Name: Facial neck LED mask
    • Input Voltage: AC100-240V
    • Output Voltage: DC10V 2A
    • Material: ABS

    Face masks online description

    color led beauty maskbest face beauty mask

    Seven colors Function:

    • Red light

    This causes collagen growth. Collagen is an essential protein that is used to repair damaged tissue and to repair old tissues. This can remove the fine lines and small pores.

    • Blue light

    The bacteria in the acne contains porphyrin; Because of its high dependency on wavelengths, blue light can kill porphyrins. In addition, blue light is very effective for high sensitivity.

    • Green lights

    Green light can balance the color of the pigment, reduce fine lines, improve skin aging, improve the wound speed, brighten the skin. Best face masks online

    • Yellow Light

    It has a wavelength of 590 nm, so it can Improve the oxygen exchange in the cells, skin cells to replenish your energy, promote lymph drainage, Improve wrinkles, skin harsh, and so forth.

    • Purple light

    It is a combination of light and light that has two effective phototherapies. In particular, it has a good effect on acne.

    • Bright blue light

    It can have positive growth and a good metabolic effect. Buy face masks online.

    • Laser light

    It can deeply penetrate the skin, in order to accelerate tissue metabolism, break down color spots, improve the appearance of fine lines and aging skin.

    color led beauty maskled beauty mask

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    Microflow function:
    Microcurrent stimulates the cells, then hardens the skin to reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

    Application method:

    1. Clean your face and dry in the air or with a high absorbance towel.
    2. Take out the colorful LED beauty mask, and connect the power line of the mask to the output hole of the power control box(computer or power bank).
    3. Press the Color Select / Start button, select the type of pressure by pressing the Color Select / Start button.
    4. Put the beauty mask in your face in the right position.

    Packaging Details

    • Unit Type: a piece
    • Package Weight: 5.0kg (11.02lb.)

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