Musical Silicone Mold For DIY Intersperse Decorate Making Jewelry, 1pcs
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Musical Silicone Mold, UV Liquid Silicone Mold For DIY Intersperse Making Jewelry, 1pcs

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Musical silicone mold


  • Brand Name: MIZUKAGAMI
  • Item Type: Jewelry Tools & Equipments
  • Jewelry Tools & Equipment Type: Molds
  • Model Number: DJ
  • Item Weight: 15g (musical silicone mold)
  • Material: Silicone
  • Size: 6×4.3×0.6 cm
  • Quantity: 1pcs

Before you made resin jewelry: (musical silicone mold)

Make yourself aware of your resin’s pot time and cure time. Pot time refers to the time you can work with the resin after it is mixed until it cures. Mix no more resin you can comfortably use during that time. The cure time is the total time needed for the resin to completely cure.

Choose an area to work with resin where you can cover it with wax paper. Resin won’t stick to wax paper. Have a clear dome (plastic storage containers work well) to cover your resin pieces while they are cured. There’s nothing like a little dust or cat hair to ruin your piece! (musical silicone mold)

Make sure your casting environment is ideal. Resins best cure at a temperature in the low 70s Fahrenheit which could mean you may need to run the heat or air conditioning if your room is outside of these temperatures. (musical silicone mold)

You will need to wear gloves to protect your hands besides having adequate room ventilation. Read these safety articles so you know how to properly handle and dispose of your resin.

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What if we want to include things in the resin?

To prevent discoloration and water stains, seal both sides and edges of the image. This is especially important if we print the image on an ink-jet printer. Allow the paper and sealant to dry completely before covering the images with resin. (musical silicone mold)
Glue the image to the surface to prevent “floating” and possibly trapping air bubbles which may show up later. Let the adhesive dry completely before adding resin.
Resin magnifies images and makes them clear. Make sure your paper is exactly the way you want it.

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