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iPhone 6 Battery,1810mAh, With Repair Tools Kit And Battery Sticker, XZBX-IST

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Buy iPhone 6 battery


  • Brand Name: XZBX-IST
  • Model Number: IST-I6-Battery
  • Quality Certification: UL, CE, ROHS
  • Parameter: 3.82V==6.91Whr
  • Life: 800 times cycles
  • Suitable: Just for iPhone 6 original phones
  • Battery Capacity (MAH): 1801mAh-2200mAh
  • Battery type: Li-ion polymer battery
  • Safe: Never explosion for every battery (buy iPhone 6 battery)
  • Original or Not: Compatible
  • Warranty: Half of the year warranty
  • Introduction: 2017 New 0 cycle battery
  • Delivery: 24 hours shipping after payments


  1. 1810mAh 100% real capacity for iPhone 6.
  2. Testing every battery before shipped out.
  3.  Every battery in stock is produced in 2017.
  4. Professional engineer over 5 people. (buy iPhone 6 battery)
  5. High technology battery protector chip.
  6. Large capacity and steady battery chip.
  7. Never exploded as far.
  8. A safe device by every detail.

Description of iPhone 6 battery:

Professional installation is highly recommended.

Battery chip:

High quality and capacity steady chip. Same program for iPhone original battery.

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1000 battery chip has been tested more than 100000 times, to make sure steady and quality. It proved itself with three years of customer feedback.

High quality:

Copying with various environments, test center simulation -20 degrees to 45 degrees it would not affect the battery charge. (buy iPhone 6 battery)

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The battery without memory effect.

The battery can be charged anytime. Totally capacity wouldn’t be lower.

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Super protection

Built-in 9 smart protect device, effectively prevent overcharge, over discharge, over voltage, over current, overheating, the short circuit. Stable and reliable, safe and worry-free.

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Charging instructions:

All new Li-ion batteries have to go through charge / discharge cycles to work effectively. To get maximum efficiency out of your new battery, please install the battery (we assume you are equipped with installation instructions).

After installation, please don’t switch on your phone, plug in your charger and leave the phone on the charge with 10 to 12 hours (overnight preferably). Ignore the% shown and keep the charger plugged in. Once 12 hours charging cycle is complete, then use the battery till fully discharged. Then repeat the above charging cycle again. Repeat this charge/discharge cycle for 3 times. After that, your battery would work at an optimum level. (buy iPhone 6 battery)

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Package includes:

  • Battery for iPhone 6
  • tool kits
  • battery sticker

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Battery Capacity(mAh)


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