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DIY Glitter Slime, GISIGN Brand, Crystal, Cloud, Plasticine, Antistress Playdough

  • 20g Blue Slime20g Blue Slime
  • A Crystal SlimeA Crystal Slime
  • B Crystal SlimeB Crystal Slime
  • C Crystal SlimeC Crystal Slime
  • E Crystal SlimeE Crystal Slime
  • F Crystal SlimeF Crystal Slime
  • G Crystal SlimeG Crystal Slime
  • H Crystal SlimeH Crystal Slime

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  • Brand Name: GISIGN
  • Amount Of Color Plasticine: Solid Color
  • Slime Fluffy: Magnetic Clay,Fluffy Slime,Clear Slime,Light Plasticine
  • Age Range: > 3 years old
  • Gender: Unisex (Buy best glitter slimes)
  • Plasticine Color Number: Solid Color
  • Model Number: 328-0628-1040
  • Type: Colored Clay
  • Slime Toys: Slime Toys Fluffy Slime Soft Clay Slime kit Slime Diy Clear
  • Weight:46g 
  • package: Plastic Box

Buy glitter slimes description

There are slime recipes for a night sky, ocean rotation, or star shine. Find snow sludge, rainbow sludge, and two ingredients sludge. Glamor, glamor, or polish. Some use borax, but some are boxes.

Call it science, consider it an intuitive experience, you see it as a childhood activity party – you can enjoy what you look at crystal clear slimeglitter slimes cheap


Question 1: Slime sticky hand how to do?
A: The summer is hot and sticky hand is very normal, you can use the following methods: (1) With borax watered (1:50), on the thinning cotton mud, drop 1-3 drops of borax water. (2) Into the refrigerator for a while. (3) Mix with a little men’s shaving foam.

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diy crystal slime
Question 2: What should I do if slime is too dry?
A: Slime does not feel good elasticity, is caused by the cold in some areas, (1) Can be heated warm water (do not use hot water) (2) Add a little water lid on the lid a night.

We recommend you to read this article about Making slime with borax

crystal clear slime
Question 3: slime how to save?
A: It must be sealed in a cool place to save the direct sunlight will make slime heat into the water.
PS: Play slime forehand to be clean and dry, after playing must wash their hands.

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diy crystal clear slime

Packaging details

  • Unit type: a piece
  • Package weight: 0.05kg (0.11lb.)

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Age Range

> 3 years old

Amount of color plasticine

Solid Color


Colored Clay

Plasticine Color Number

Solid Color

Brand Name


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