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Construction Blocks Set, Plastic/Magnetic Blocks, 100-298pcs

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Construction blocks toys


  • Brand Name: BD
  • Gender: Girls Boys
  • Plastic Block Shape: Square
  • Suitable Crowd: The Whole Family Play Together
  • Classification: Magnetic
  • Size: mini size it’s better for kids
  • Warning: Take care of the small parts
  • Plastic Type: ABS (Buy construction blocks toys)
  • Block Type: Geometric Assembling Blocks
  • Material: Plastic PVC ABS+Strong Magnet
  • Age Range: > 3 years old
  • Building blocks of type: DIY 3D Magnetic toys

Construction blocks toys description

plastic blocks toys

large plastic blocks

buy plastic blocks

buy plastic building blocks

Toy blocks may stimulate a creative and explicit solution. Psychologists recognize two types of problems. Convergence problems have only one correct solution.

Because the kids can combine different blocks in different ways, the game is a divergent play block. And the divergent play with the block can make kids more creative and better able to solve qualified problems.

In a trial, preschoolers presented two types of game materials.

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Some guys used convertible games (puzzle pieces).
Other children are given materials for playing (shaped and curved foam shapes).

Building blocks construction toys.

plastic building blocks toyschildrens building blocks

children's blocks

Creating a cooperative game helps children improve their social skills
Research shows that children when working in cooperative construction projects, are friendlier and more socially.

And research on typically developing children shows that kids who work in cooperative projects make up high-quality friendships.

The kids who play with the toy blocks tend to make the mathematicians better
Blocks games are also associated with math skills. In a study, the complexity of LEGO’s childhood at age 4 was a long-term predictor: a more complicated game during preschool years with higher math progress in high school, even after controlling for a child’s IQ

Other research has shown connections between the child’s ability to reconstruct specific structures and their current math skills

Best construction blocks toys for 3-year-olds.

construction blocks toys



Packaging details

  • Unit type: a piece
  • Package weight: 2.0kg (4.41lb.)

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plastic blocks toys

plastic building blocks toys



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Age Range

> 3 years old

Plastic Type




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