Building Blocks For Sale, DIY Colorful City House Toy For Children
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Building blocks, DIY Colorful City House Toy For Children

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Building blocks for sale


  • Brand Name: KAZI
  • Type: Blocks
  • Model Number: castle
  • Certificate Number: 2015152203013269
  • Number of particles: 89pcs  
  • Age Range: > 3 years old
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Certification: 3C/ CE
  • Bar code: No (building blocks for sale)
  • Product Maintenance: 45 °C warm water washing
  • Plastic Block Shape: Self-Locking Bricks
  • Product Material: Environmentally friendly ABS plastic
  • Warning: No original box
  • Size: Big Size Building Blocks 
  • Features: Construction Toy, DIY Toy, Educational Toy, Christmas gift, Compatible with Lego INGlys  Minecraft building blocks

building blocks for kids

Description of building blocks for sale:

Building play is exciting to watch, and doubtless beneficial to children’s developing minds. Playing with blocks can foster creativity, enhance a child’s physical skills, support cognitive and emotional development, and help the child develop social skills. While you can simply give your children building blocks and let them play, there are at least 5 ways how you can get the most from this simple yet so diverse toy! Also, it’s a great way to introduce children to cooperative play, because they can choose how much they interact in the project develops. This cooperative building can help kids forge better social skills. Children learn to communicate through the discussion about details, ideas, and they learn about the joy of sharing. (building blocks for sale)

By the use of appropriately scaled accessory toys , like people and cars or everything, you can encourage your child to involve in a role-play that may be something new for him/her. If you have tried it before and it hasn’t worked, don’t give up–switch the toys, characters and try again. By providing your kid with toys of a certain story, the children can eagerness for pretend play. 

building blocks for sale

Intellectual benefits of  building blocks:

Even at a young age, playing with building blocks and toys helps your child to develop skills in basic math and physics. Creativity aside, a building is all about size, shape, weight, leverage, and balance, and as your child works this out, their building and block play will become more and more complex. As the complexity increases, so does their concentration level.

Building and block play also helps children develop problem-solving skills, especially once they develop specific plans in their head. Making those plans a reality is not without problems–ask anyone who has ever built a house! (building blocks for sale)

building blocks toys

Product Package:

  •  PP Bag with Bubble Safety Packing + Building instruction book.

If you are still looking for a better block, check out our blocks collection.

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Plastic Block Shape

Self-Locking Bricks







Age Range

> 3 years old

Plastic Type




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