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    External Hard Drive, 160GB/320GB/500GB HDD, USB3.0 Storage Devices, High Speed 2.5′

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    Best external HDD hard drive


    • Brand Name: Acasis
    • Size: 5″
    • HDD Capacity: 80GB – 160GB
    • Has External Power Supply: No
    • Package: Yes
    • Products Status: Stock
    • Type: External
    • Expansion Port: IDE
    • Support system: 98SE, ME, 2000, Vista, WIN7, WIN8
    • Shell Material: Aluminium Alloy (External HDD Hard Drive)
    • Launch Date: Feb-15
    • Style: HDD
    • Application: Server, Desktop, Laptop
    • Interface Rate: 6Gb/s
    • Hard Drive Type: 2.5″ HDD
    • USB Interface: USB 3.0
    • Disk Rotational Speed: 5400rpm
    • Disk Cache Size: 8MB

    Best external HDD hard drive description

    best external hddbest external hard drive

    External drives are suitable for storage, backup, and transfer. They are usually connected using respectively USB 2.0, 3.0 or 3.1, with a maximum transfer rate of 60MB / s, 625MB / s and 1250MB / s respectively. USB 3.1 is, of course, preferred, but not necessary, unless you update one day.

    External drives are portable, they can be shared without any problems between multiple computers. Just disconnect the USB port, drag it in other places, and you’re done. They can also connect to TV and media centers for direct media playback.

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    Best External HDD Hard Drive
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    Hard disk vendors use decimals: 1MB = 1000KB, 1G = 1000MB calculated.

    Computers and card readers use the binary system to calculate the size, and here are missing bytes.

    Namely: 1MB = 1024KB, 1GB = 1024MB

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    ِDesktop external hard drives

    A desktop external hardware drive connects to your desktop and works as a permanent environment for file backup and backup. This type of hard disk requires access to a wall socket for electricity. External hard drives are typically hard drives (hard drives), with network storage capabilities (server) and capacity of 1TB (one terabyte) and higher. They are a good choice for a domestic user or a small business owner, and they are usually strictly about a book.

    Buy external HDD hard drive.

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    Package includes:

    • USB 3.0   External Hard Drives
    •  USB cable*1

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    Server, Desktop, Laptop

    Expansion Port


    Has External Power Supply


    Brand Name


    Interface Type

    USB 3.0

    Shell Material

    Aluminium Alloy





    Interface Rate


    Launch Date


    Products Status


    HDD Capacity

    80GB – 160GB

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