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    Camera LED Flash, Mini Pro LED-49 Video Light, Flash Light For DSLR Camera, MEMTEQ

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    Best LED camera flash


    • Brand Name: MEMTEQ
    • Model Number: CC280
    • Color Temperature: 6000K
    • Average life: 5000H
    • Operating voltage: DC3V
    • Number of beads: 49
    • Illumination angle: 60 degree
    • Light distance: 5M
    • Adapter battery: 2 AA (best-LED camera flash)
    • Power Source: AA battery * 2 (without)
    • Display: Yes
    • Light Source: 800LM
    • Power: 5.5W
    • Gross Weight: 95 kg
    • Net weight: 65 g
    • TTL: No
    • Color: Black
    • Product volume: (WxHxD): 80 mm * 67 mm * 32 mm
    • Packing volume: Color box 90 mm * 83 mm * 40 mm
    • Compatible Camera Brand: Lumix, Mamiya, yi, Sigma, SONY, Pentax, Samsung, Hasselblad, Olympus, Canon, Leica, Gopro, Nikon, Fujifilm.

    best led flash for camera

    LED camera flash features:

    • Ideal lighting source for macro photography, photojournalistic and video shooting, etc.
    • Multiple lamps quickly interlock to have different illumination solutions.
    • 49 LED bulbs, sleeplessly adjustable with a dimmer. (best led camera flash)
    • Use 2 AA batteries. (batteries not included)
    • Interlocking design for multi-lamp array.
    • Universal shoe mount fits major brands of cameras and camcorder.

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    Why we use an LED light for video and photography?

    • LEDs are not only taking the space of tungsten and fluorescent lights in our homes, but they have also gained extensive use in photography and video. This is largely due to the advantages they present when compared to, for example, tungsten, which was the dominant type of light source for many years in studios.
    • The big advantage of an LED light panel is that it offers continuous lighting. With a standard flashgun you get a short burst of light, but sometimes you need constant illumination – particularly if you’re shooting video. (best led camera flash)
    • The other advantage of using an LED light panel for video and photography is that many panels are offered in what’s called a bi-color option. This means there is a mix of warm and cool LEDs and that you can adjust the color temperature of your illumination, typically via a control wheel on the back.
    • LED light panels are typically powered by AA or rechargeable batteries, and others have the option to plug into the mains.

    best camera flash

    Package Includes:

    1* Camera lights
    Chinese and English brochures
    Original box packaging

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    Compatible Camera Brand

    Lumix, Mamiya, yi, Sigma, SONY, Pentax, Samsung, HASSELBLAD, Olympus, CANON, Leica, Gopro, NIKON, Fujifilm



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