Blackhead Tool For Sale, Needles Cleanser, Acne Remover Tools, 7pcs
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Blackhead Remover tool, Needles Cleanser, Acne Remover Tools, 7pcs

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Blackhead tool for sale


  • Brand Name: Faylisvow
  • Model Number: GJ1412#M6
  • Material: Metal (blackhead tool for sale)
  • False Eyelash Craft: Machine Made
  • Type: Blackhead Tools
  • Quality: 4pcs/7pcs


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  • With 4/7 different tools, suitable for piercing, nipping and removing acne, blackhead, pimple, and pustule.
  • Made of thick stainless steel, so it can protect your skin from rust infection.
  • A mini black bag is provided, helping you organize or carry these tools. (blackhead tool for sale)
  • Designing the larger side tool for big pimples while the smaller tool is for small acne.
  • Delicate needle body tool has rhomboid texture, contain to hold.

Description of blackhead tool for sale:

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Why do the blackheads appear?

  • A blackhead is a plug on the skin pore which consists of your skin’s natural lubricant that is a mix of skin oil, dust, dirt, and pollution stuck in your pores.
  • Not caring enough for your skin and even neglecting basic hygiene like cleaning your face could lead to skin pores getting blocked.
  • Excessive oil production which comes to us genetically, with age or due to environmental factors is a primary cause of the skin pores getting choked with dust and dead skin to eventually form a blackhead.
  • For ladies, makeup left unclean for long can lead to a widening of skin pores. (blackhead tool for sale)

Therefore, It’s very important for us to follow a routine which is ideally suited to maintaining a healthy and clean skin by using professional blackhead remover kit!

blackhead tool kit

How to use a blackhead remover tool:

  • Disinfect the tool by allowing it to submerge in some disinfectant.
  • First, wash  your face with warm water or a washcloth soaked in warm water.(for 10 minutes, this would help your skin pores to be open to the fullest)
  • Then use the blackhead remover tools following the instructions. (blackhead tool for sale)
  • Disinfect your face and the tool after the procedure is complete. This would ensure you don’t catch the infection on the usage of the tool again.

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False Eyelash Craft

Machine Made



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