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Original Mobile Battery, Samsung Galaxy S6, G920/G9200/G920F/G920i

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Buy Samsung replacement battery


  • Brand Name: XZBX-IST
  • Model Number: IST-S6-Battery
  • Warranty: Half of the year warranty
  • Life: 800 times cycles
  • Battery Capacity(mAh): 2201mAh-2800mAh
  • Suitable: Just For Samsung Galaxy S6, G920 G9200 G9200 G920F G920i G920A
  • Package: Battery for Samsung Galaxy S6 G920
  • Battery Type: Li-ion polymer battery
  • Quality Certification: CE,RoHS
  • Capacity: 2550mAh
  • Parameter: 85V==9.82Wh
  • Original or Not: Compatible
  • Safe: Never explosion for every battery

Buy Samsung replacement battery description

best buy samsung replacement battery


1. 2550mAh, real 100%, capacity for Samsung Galaxy S6

2. Testing every battery before shipped out

3. Professional engineer more than 5 people

4. Every battery in stock is produced in 2019

5. The safe device by every detail

6. Never exploded as far

7. Large capacity and steady battery chip

8. High technology battery protector chip

Best Samsung replacement battery

best samsung replacement battery

Take care of your mobile battery

Set up your screen settings

Setting the display time remaining or high brightness of the display can Significantly Reduce battery time.
Adjust your brightness by dragging the menu and using the slider to adjust the brightness. You do not need to have full lighting unless you are in direct sunlight.

Power saving mode

Your device has a power saving mode. The power saving mode between devices is slightly different, but in general, it is possible to increase your battery life. Buy replacement battery for Samsung mobile phone.

How often does your device synchronize data?

If most people like this, they need to know more about it, such as email or social media, these programs are often synced or check emails or new updates. Often syncing can reduce your battery life. Check the sync settings in your apps or email and make sure they only sync when you need them.
buy samsung replacement battery


1. Professional installation is highly recommended

2. Complete suitable for Samsung Galaxy S6

3. Replacement for your old phone battery

best samsung s6 replacement battery

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