Best Makeup Brushes Set, Soft Natural Horse Pony Synthetic Hair
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Makeup Brushes Set, Soft Natural Horse Pony, Synthetic Hair


The best makeup brushes set


  • Brand Name:KINEPIN
  • Item Type:Makeup Brush
  • Brush Material:Horse Hair, Synthetic Hair
  • Quantity: 7pcs Makeup Brush Set
  • Used With: Sets & Kits
  • Model Number:J0864/J0865
  • Handle Material:Wood
  • Material:Wood+ Hair+Pony Hair
  • Size:112-140 mm
  • Applied On:Face / Cheek / Lip / Eye /Eyelid  / Eyelash / Eyebrow / Eye Line
  • Face: Foundation /Mineral / Powder /  Blush /  Concealer /Highlighter / Mask
  • Eye: Eye Shadow/ Shading / Smudge / Eye Liner
  • Lip: Lip Stick / Lip liner / Lip Gloss
  • Function:Pro Contour / Blending / Highlighting / Base / Kabuki / Cleaning
  • Shape: Round / Dome /Flat / Beveled / Angled / Tapered / Point
  • Usage: Travel /Make Up Artist / Beauty School /  Studio / Home /Portable
  • Color:Pearly Luster Pink / White
  • Package:Iron Holder / Case / Organizer

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Description of the best makeup brushes set:

Women’s always excited to try the latest makeup trends and tricks.

There are plenty of tools available to help us perfect our look –  blenders, sponges, and brushes.

Brushes, in particular, can be a little overwhelming.
There are so many options available with different sizes, shapes, and purposes.

Natural bristles are made out of animal hair, often from a horse.

The bristles are super soft and have a cuticle, which helps with texture, picking up products, and blending.

Aixonne tells you how to find the best lipsticks!

Why should we use makeup brushes?

– Easy to control
– Limits messiness
– Buildable coverage
– Even application and blending

best cheap makeup brushes

  1. Blush Brush with Synthetic Hair
  2. Powder Brush with Synthetic Hair
  3. Foundation Brush with Synthetic Hair (Best Makeup Brushes Set)
  4. Large Eye Shadow Brush with Natural Pony Hair
  5. Small Eye Shadow Brush with Natural Pony Hair
  6. Eyebrow Brush with Synthetic Hair
  7. Lip Brush with Synthetic Hair

best cheap makeup brushes to buy

  1. Powder/Blush Brush with Synthetic Hair
  2. Lash-Brow Groomer with Synthetic Hair
  3. Large Eye Shadow Brush with Natural Pony Hair
  4. Eye Blender with Natural Pony Hair (Best Makeup Brushes Set)
  5. Small Eye Shadow Brush with Natural Pony Hair
  6. Angled Brow Brush with Synthetic Hair
  7. Eyeliner Brush with Synthetic Hair

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Makeup Brush

Brush Material

Horse Hair, Synthetic Hair

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