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Artificial Human Skull, Horror, Prop, Plastic Skull, Head DIY Party Decorations, Coffee Color

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buy human skull

Halloween Decoration, Artificial Human Skull, Horror, Prop, Plastic Skull, Head DIY Party Decorations, Coffee Color, Bars Ornament

Material: Plastic
L :: weight 167g, size 220 X 160 X 150mm
M:: weight 50g, size 135 X 100 X 90mm
S:: weight 10g, size 60 X 50 X 40mm (best buy a human skull)
Customized: No
Name:: Skull
Pattern: Cartoon Figure
Color: white
Model Number: Skull Head
Occasion: Halloween

buy human skull description

In Halloween, zombies are hanging from trees, durable pumpkins appear in the grass, and heinous clowns come in the schools and supermarkets after the advent.
This is undoubtedly a fun holiday to decorate.

Welcome Guest Welcome to the party

For a green Halloween party, make sure you have fun and no harmful effects on the environment. Use washable containers. (buy human skull)
When you think of Halloween, you’re surely thinking of a pumpkin. To decorate this great celebration, you can look at human skeletons, animals, human skulls, luminous pumpkins, pseudo-objects and other horrible things with a dark half-space, and only with Welcome to your frisky scary voice.

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A blood-spattered front door

We have already said that blood is not, but it’s just not clear about us, we show scary messages in red painting – even something like “Happy Halloween” is not a bad idea. This is the right thing to do if you just try to deceive or block away from the fear of traffic, it’s a good idea to write a nice red paint on the door or put your hand on the wall and wall.

In front of your home, you can use the animal’s skeleton with bright eyes on the grass.

How to make Halloween clothes

buy halloween skull decorations

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Package weight: 0.175kg (0.39lb.)
Unit Type: item

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