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    Best Camera Handheld Gimbal For Action Camera, Wifi + Bluetooth, Splash-proof, FeiyuTech G6

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    Best Camera Handheld Gimbal

    • Brand Names: FEIYUTECH
    • Communication: Bluetooth, WiFi
    • Vertical shooting: Yes
    • Title Angle: 360
    • Panning Angle: 360
    • Rolling angle: 320 (Camera Handheld Gimbal)
    • Size: 271mm * 119mm * 38mm
    • Support mobile device maximum size: GoPro  Hero7 / 6/5 RX0 Xiao Yi AEE
    • Type: Portable gimbal
    • Model Number: G6

    Product description:

    • Other places are GoPro Hero 6 / Hero 5 / RX0’s wifi, g6 number control, and video/photo coordination to take to the camera. At the same time, all can tailor to set in Feiyu once an app is connected via Bluetooth. (Camera Handheld Gimbal)
    • The G6 of the camera holder is detachable. The RX0 can exchange with the holder for the RX0 camera.
    • An innovative build of OLED screen shows specifications of gimbals and cameras, working modes, battery life, Bluetooth connection and more. It’s all under control.
    • Make low power consumption. Perform G6 test. Its larger motor torque makes G6 work more swish and higher anti-shake performance and reduces redundant power.
    • An innovative height is made possible by the axis making no to more visuals at blocks on the show a WAN. Screen creation (composition and no any low in anti-shake performance. (Camera Handheld Gimbal)
    • It is easy to balance all gimbals and combos of knobs and sliding arms.
    • Both title axis and panning axis 360 7 days -10 days, calf balance will shoot you shoot like you.
    • The gimbal is a design and splash proof, making shooting shoot freely and.

    best camera handheld gimbal

    Further Product description:

    • A Renewable energy app interface. Multi-motion parameter by Feiyu set to ‘remote control, auto calibration firmware upgrade, and multi-title’.
    • Shoot the node to set at random, making it a special way to travel time-lapse photography.
    • Supports charge for everything shoots the camera and shoots for the longest time last.
    • A smartphone setting up in the G6 by mobile device support. It could use for a viewfinder. (Camera Handheld Gimbal)
    • 1/4 hole in the bottom of the gimbal so it can be compatible and more accessories. The device was equipped with a large capacity battery that could be runtime up to 12 hours, has a charge of everything, and shoots for a long time with a camera.

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    handheld gimbal best buy

    handheld gimbal best buy

    Charging for Mobile Device


    Configured for

    action photo cameras

    App Setting



    WIFI, Bluetooth





    of Axes


    Support Remote Control


    Camera Integration


    Brand Name


    Vertical shooting


    Title Angle


    Panning angle


    Rolling angle



    271mm * 119mm * 38mm


    Portable gimbal

    Model Number


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