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    Handheld Cameras, Feiyu G6/ G5, Splash Proof, 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal For GoPro

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    Handheld Cameras For Sale

    • Brand Name: FEIYUTECH
    • Model Number: FeiyuTech-G5
    • Weight (g):271g (Not including battery, camera or counterweight )
    • Battery:22650 / 1pcs
    • G5 Adaption: GoPro HERO6/HERO5/HERO4/HERO3+/HERO3/Yi cam 4K/AEE and other cameras
    • Size:85mm*79mm*246mm
    • Material: Aluminum

    Product description:


    camera stabilizer gimbal best buy

    Handheld Cameras For Sale:

    The Feiyu G5 3-axis handheld gimbal perfectly fits the GoPro HERO6 HERO5, HERO4 and action cameras of similar sizes using redesigned counterweights

    • The new function, gain more fun:

    Add a trigger button and rotation function, easy operation enables to take a very unusual time-lapse photography. Add an extra charging cable for GoPro HERO5

    • Wide camera compatibility:

    Tailored for GoPro HERO5 Black with the precise counterweight, compatible with HERO4, AEE, YI 4K and various action cams of similar sizes.

    • Splash-proof & Anti-loose:

    World’s first splash-proof motorized action camera handheld gimbal, offering carefree filming experience in the rain. Anti-loss long screws keeping camera safely on the jig against violent movements, allowing for simple installation even in the dark.

    camera gimbal best buy

    • intuitive user interface:

    Powering on, off and switching between various modes with just one button, accurately adjusting camera angles through a 4-way joystick, rotating the camera for easy selfie by self-timer button, a perfect match with HERO5 voice control.

    • excellent craftsmanship:

    See also finish with world’s first unibody motor arm for sports camera gimbals to ensure better anti-shake performance, built from solid aluminum alloy, super lightweight and comfortable by rubberized handle grip, up to 8 hours’ runtime of a single 22650 Li-ion battery.

    The Feiyu G5 3-axis handheld gimbal perfectly fits the GoPro HERO5, HERO4 and action cameras of similar sizes using redesigned counterweights.

    handheld waterproof camera

    • World’s First Splash Proof Gimbal (Handheld Cameras For Sale)

    The Feiyu G5 is certified water splash proof. With the waterproof GoPro HERO5, so you can enjoy every exciting moment in the rain or by the sea without fear of water ingress.

    • Direct Accesses to Infinite Functions

    The Feiyu G5 provides fast accesses to various functions. Via its 4-way joystick, you can adjust the angles of your camera easily. With using the function button all modes can be activated by taps. The self-timer button makes portrait photos and videos faster accessed than always with HERO5’s voice control feature.

    handheld waterproof camera

    • Long Screw Fixture

    The Feiyu G5 reintroduces long screw fixture to secure your action cameras. Even in the dark place you can effortlessly find and tighten the screws. The loss-proof design ensures your screws soundly in place on your jig after violent shakes. ( Handheld Cameras For Sale)

    • Unibody Motor Arm with Utmost Structural Solidness

    The G5 features the pioneering unibody motor arm. Reducing conjunction parts, the unibody motor arm upgrades its structural solidness and delivers even stronger anti-shake efficiency.

    best camera gimbal stabilize

    • Precise Brushless Motors

    FeiyuTech tailor precise brushless motors for handheld gimbals. With patented technologies, we ensure strong torque output and fast response with extreme energy-efficiency.

    • Foldable Design for every day Carry

    The G5 is designed to be foldable. Fit in the included soft pack, the G5 is ready for easy everyday carry.

    handheld gimbal for camera

    • Two 1/4 Inch Screw Ports for Accessory Expansion

    By the 1/4 screw ports in the middle of the G5’s handle and at the bottom, you can install numerous types of accessories to expand your approaches to photography.

    • Note: The gimbal is splash-proof, allowing you to safely use it in the rain, snow, or near splashing. But it does not allow to immerse the gimbal in the water.
    • Note: G5 mini camera charging cable is not suitable for hero 6.
    • See other similar items.

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    Single Handgrip

    Brand Name



    Bundle 5



    Weight (g)

    271g (Not including battery, camera or counterweight )

    Model Number


    Titling Angle

    360 degree

    Rolling Angle

    245 degree

    Panning Angle

    360 degree


    22650 / 1pcs


    splash proof Panoramic shooting Bluetooth APP

    G5 Adaption

    GoPro HERO6/HERO5/HERO4/HERO3+/HERO3/Yi cam 4K/AEE and other came

    Balance Adjustment

    Counterweight / Weight ring


    one year



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