Camera Stabilizer For Sale,Feiyu G5GS, 3-Axis Gimbal For Camera Sony
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Camera Stabilizer, Feiyu G5GS, 3-Axis Gimbal , Handheld Stabilizer For Camera Sony


Camera Stabilizer For Sale

  • Brand Name: FEIYUTECH
  • Support For Mobile Device Max Size:130g – 200g Sony Action Cam
  • Weight (g):314g (besides battery and cam)
  • of Axes:3-Axis
  • Model Number: FeiyuTech-G5GS

Main Features Of Camera Stabilizer For Sale:

  • Excellent splash-proof technology and extra support to Sony camera+water-proof housing, no more resistance in shooting in the rain.
  • Unlimited rotated angles in slope and pan motor to take wide footage.
  • Universal 1/4 inch screws design to mount the camera more conveniently.
  • Detachable handle to freely switch in installation ways. (Camera Stabilizer For Sale)
  • Foldable dual-handset and integrated handle make everything easy.
  • Power on and off with a beep and that can be heard clearly outdoors.
  • Battery flat top is universal in scope. (other handhelds for Sony)
  • Two hours to get a fully charged battery and then could work 7 hours.
  • Super long working hours without any fear of no power.

3 axis gimbal camera stabilizer

  • Intelligently following the pre-set route in auto-rotation mode, and fit for motion time-lapse or automatic shooting.
  • Manually lock the angles of two axes in three working modes without missing any splendid moments.
  • Toggle button to quickly enter lock mode and reset the gimbal in a key.
  • Quick upgrade, calibrate,  set up the parameters, reset and virtual remote control with APP.
  • Several working modes makes most of the videos easily to be done. (Camera Stabilizer For Sale)
  • Compatible with extension bar and tripod by 1/4 inch thread hole at the button and the handle.
  • Hardshell portable case provides total care for the camera gimbal.
  • Package Contents:micro USB cable*1, G5GS gimbal(single hand)*1, camera thumb screw*1,  22650mAh battery*1.
  • NOTE:Dual Handle is sold separately.
  • Note: Feiyu G5GS doesn’t support the camera without water-proof housing.
  • Splash-proof design of the gimbal means does not worry about the impact of rain whilst shooting.

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3 axis gimbal camera stabilizer3 axis gimbal camera stabilizer

3 axis gimbal camera stabilizer

Detachable Handle Design

The Feiyu G5GS gimbal body is detachable and portable to carry. And it is easy to change from the single handheld model to the dual handheld. (Camera Stabilizer For Sale)

Accept the precise industrial design of FeiyuTech style, this product body comes with a sandblasted metal and silicone material handle, powerful in function and comfortable when holding.

best camera gimbal stabilizerbest camera gimbal stabilizer

A brand new App, by more functionality and a better user experience

Brand-new Feiyu on APP for Android and IOS offers the following functions, angle changing, gimbal mode switching, firmware,  parameter setting.

best handheld camera gimbal

Motor with more torque (Camera Stabilizer For Sale)

Motor with more torque, improves stability, motor torque has been increased by 30%, enabling the gimbal to oppose more external force while shooting;

camera stabilizer gimbal best buycamera stabilizer gimbal best buy

More accessories are easily compatible

a 1/4 tri mount,compatible with most of the expanding parts of the market. (Camera Stabilizer For Sale)

cheap camera gimbal stabilizecheap camera gimbal stabilizecheap camera gimbal stabilizecheap camera gimbal stabilize

Vertical Shooting


Configured for

action photo cameras


Following the shooting mode

App Setting








of Axes



handheld gimbal

Charging for Mobile Device


Support Remote Control


Camera Integration


Brand Name



26.61 * 11.63 * 6.88 cm

Weight (g)

314g (besides battery and cam)

Panning Angle

360 degree

Titling Angle

360 degree

Max Controllable Speed

150 degree / second

Model Number


Supported Mobile Device Max Size

130g – 200g Sony Action Cam

Rolling Angle

320 degree

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