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    Phone/Camera Stand, Splash-proof, WIFI, Handheld Gimbal, for GoPro Hero 6/5/4 Action

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    buy smartphone stand

    Phone/Camera Stand, Feiyu G6 Plus 3-Axis, Splash-proof, WIFI, Handheld Gimbal, for GoPro Hero 6/5/4 Action, Camera, Smartphones

    Name Brand: FEIYUTECH
    Titration Angle: 360
    Of Axes: 3-Axis
    Bearing Angle: 360
    Panning Angle: 360
    Type: Cardan handheld
    Configured for: Action cameras, Mirrorless cameras, Smartphones, Digital cinema cameras
    Communication: Wifi
    Model Number: Feiyu G6 Plus
    Feature: After shooting mode
    Packing: Yes

    buy smartphone stand description

    1. Wifi + Blue Tooth (Dual Work Mode)
    2. shoot smarter with APP
    A new app interface. It can achieve remote control, automatic calibration of the firmware upgrade, possibility in the creation.
    3. Updated Algorithm
    Low power consumption makes G6 in addition to more excellent performance.
    4. Titration 260 Degree Angle / Pan 360 Degree Angle / Bearing 320 Degree Angle
    Both titration axes and axes are 360-degree pannings, allowing you to shoot as you wish.

    smartphone stand

    5. Proof of Splash of water
    6. An Ingenious Screen Shows (Our special offer buys smartphone stand)
    7. No Block in Visual
    Users can accurately compose images without external monitor with a 35 angle of elevation of the roller shaft in design.
    8. Updated Design
    9. Works for Canon Sony Panasonic Mirrorless Camera, Digital Cameras and GoPro Camera without Camera Support Switch

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    Desktop Stand Three

    For some, the simplest and smallest solution is often the best, and the attractiveness of this crowd is the desktop tripod – a compact solution for everyday shooter. This type of tripod is sold in various sizes and sizes as a kit, with pre-installed legacy. This tripod is ideal for travelers, or those shooting in areas that support full-size cameras may be prohibited.

    Including Package:

    1 x Feiyu G6 Plus
    1×26650 Battery
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    Package Details

    Package weight: 1.5kg (3.31lb.)
    Unit Type: item

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    Configured for

    action photo cameras, mirrorless cameras, Smartphones, digital cine cameras


    Following the shooting mode





    of Axes



    handheld gimbal

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