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    Camera Gimbal, Accsoon A1, 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer, 3Kg, Auto-tuning for Mirrorless/DSLR


    Camera Gimbal For Sale

    • Brand Name: ACCSOON
    • Communication:1/4 Screw
    • Weight (g):1250
    • Package: Yes
    • Bundle: Bundle 1
    • Model Number: A1
    • Type: Single Handgrip
    • Size:182*246*380mm


    1. Three operation modes ( underslung mode, upright mode, flashlight mode); Four working modes (pan follow, pan & tilt follow, roll follow,

    3-axis lock, OLED displaying modes in life); Two control methods (joystick control and Accession control)

    1. Easy to use with auto-tuning function: four taps of power button make gimbal be tuned automatically for the mass and weight distribution

    of the camera system; intelligently adjust parameters based on the camera’s weight and independently adjust each of the three axes until an

    optimal setting is found. (Camera Gimbal For Sale)

    1. IMU’s sensor with 32-bit motor performs 0.001 seconds respond speed, +/-0.02° precision,
    2. Support spherical panoramic, horizontal panoramic, time-lapse photography with keyframes able to be edited, motion control with up to

    20 path positions and ultra-wide-angle with nine pics stitched to come out stunning pics.

    1. 1.25kg gimbal with a 3.0kg payload of Most Mirrorless and DSLR cameras; 12-18 hours runtime; firmware update from PC or APP; a 3/8”

    thread hole at the bottom of the joystick and an included mini tripod.


    Built-in function:

    Three operation modes (flashlight mode, upright mode, underslung mode )

    Four working modes: pan follow, 3-axis lock, roll follow, pan & tilt follow


    Built-in independent IMU module

    USB connection

    Bluetooth Module  (Camera Gimbal For Sale)

    Multiple protect functions: over the current, motor stall, under voltage

    Battery level indicator

    Camera control

    Support camera: Mirrorless and DSLR cameras

    Mobile assistant software requirements: Android 4.3 or above; iOS 7.0 or above


    Power input: dynamic current 200mA @ 7.4V, Stall current max, voltage 7.4V. 5000mA @ 7.4V, Static current 100mA @ 7.4V

    Operating temperature: -10 to 50 Celsius degree

    Runtime: 12-18H (camera well balanced and batteries fully charged)

    Weight: 1.25kg  (Camera Gimbal For Sale)

    Payload: 3kg (update payload from the App)

    Working performance:

    Angular vibration range: +/-0.02 degree

    Maximum control rotation speed: roll axis 20/sec; pan & tilt axis 60/sec .

    Controlled rotation angle: pan(unlimited); roll(+/-45-degree); tilt (+90–120)

    Mechanical rotation angle: pan/roll/tilt (unlimited)

    Dimensions: 182*246*380(mm)

    Package contents:

    1*A1 gimbal

    1*Quick Release Plate

    1*Lens support

    1*Lens support screw

    2*26500Li-ion battery (Camera Gimbal For Sale)

    1*Camera control cable

    1*USB cable


    1*Camera screw


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    Camera Gimbal For Sale

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    1/4 Screw

    Brand Name





    Bundle 1


    Single Handgrip

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