Baby Carrier Sling Best, Comfortable Sling Backpack Pouch Wrap
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Baby Carrier Sling Best,Comfortable Sling Backpack Pouch Wrap, 4 in 1 Baby carrier


Baby Carrier Sling Best

  • Brand Name: Yangmaile
  • Type: Backpacks & Carriers
  • Age Range:10-12 months, < 3 years old, 0-36 Months
  • Pattern Type: Solid (baby carrier sling)
  • Carriers Type: Back Carry, Front Carry, Face-to-Face
  • Load Bearing:18kg, 19kg, 10kg, 14kg, 11kg, 9kg
  • Material:  Cotton, Polyester
  • Model Number: Baby Sling-0818

product description:

Type: Four Seasons baby strap

Quantity: 1

Size: uniform code

Fabric: Cotton/polyester fiber (baby carrier sling)

Shoulder strap: Single shoulder/Both shoulders

Suspenders function: Kangaroo style/Chest way/Cross arm carry/Back carry

Color classification: blue, khaki, orange, pink.

Applicable age: 0-36 months


  1. Applied pocket design, placing baby favorite things.
  2. Very secure and fastener.
  3. It’s strong, not easy to deform the ribbon.
  4. leg opening unique design, legs free, and more relaxed
  5. save labor and strengthen the belt to relieve parent’s pressure. (baby carrier sling)
  6. 2 bearing positions, face to face, forward belt cotton belt, waist comfortable.
  7. It is better to use it about 30min after suckling to comfort a baby.
  8. Never cleanse the baby carrier with bleacher and strong washing powder to avoid the baby hypersensitivity

Package Content:

1 x Baby Sling

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Why use a baby carrier sling:

It’s a good stroller, one thing that many parents find invaluable when their newborns arrive is a baby carrier.

The baby carrier fantastic for bonding in the early weeks and months, also they give you the freedom to get on with the many tasks involved in being a parent.

Close to parent:
The baby got used to hearing mum’s heartbeat and the sound of her voice when he was inside the womb. So when the baby born, the baby will find it comforting and reassuring being held close to his mum or dad’s body in a baby carrier, And it’ll also boost the natural bonding process.

Bebe Confort baby carrier sling easier:
As baby carriers are hands-free, and you can get on with everyday tasks while a baby stays close. Putting out the washing, even supermarket shopping, tidying up – you’ll like being able to tick things off your to-do list while a baby is snuggled up warm next to you. And of course, you can also relax!

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Backpacks & Carriers

Age Range

10-12 months, < 3 years old, 0-36 Months

Pattern Type


Carriers Type

Back Carry, Face-to-Face, Front Carry

Load Bearing

18kg, 19kg, 10kg, 14kg, 11kg, 9kg

Brand Name



Polyester, Cotton

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