buy camera stand, camera handheld tripod, Bluetooth, for gimble DSLR
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camera handheld tripod, camera selfie stand stick, stabilizer, Bluetooth, for gimble DSLR


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camera handheld tripod, camera selfie stand stick, stabilizer, Bluetooth, for gimble DSLR

Brand Name: ulanzi
Weight (g): 1.1
Material: metal
Four-wheel Drive Attributes: Assemblage
Upgrade Parts/Accessories: gimbal
Configured for(Adaption): Smartphones, Cameras
Support Remote Control: Yes ( buy camera stand )
use: Vehicles & Remote Control Toys
RC Parts & Accs: gimbal
Package: Yes
Model Number: G5
For Vehicle Type: Helicopters
Communication: Bluetooth
Folded Length (mm): 140
Tool Supplies: Putty class
Remote Control Peripherals/Devices: gimbal

buy camera stand Description

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Flat height

To travel, you need to know how to keep your tripod. Do you carry it in a suitcase, a backpack or a carry case that you can easily put on your shoulder?

Make sure there’s something you can carry on a plane. ( buy camera stand)

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See how weighing you are more than likely to carry it on your trips. The best tripod is wooden but very heavy. Aluminum, titanium and carbon fiber make the modern tripod much lighter. Just make sure that each one is solid.

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Rapid release

This is a feature that lets you connect the hardware to the end of the camera and easily push it from the tripod to install or remove it.

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Post center

This is a pole that can be increased or decreased on tripods. This should be reversible so you can bring the flowers and macro pictures. Our special offer buys camera stand.

When appropriate, follow a hole or hardware to attach the weight to the base of the center pole. Sometimes, when it’s winding, even the weight of a camera bag will help the tripod to spin on the breeze.

Why do I need a tripod?

The tripod is only supported when the light shrinks and you need to use a low shutter speed. It may also be your friend who, for creative reasons, wants to open your aperture, add a strong neutral density filter, or have a shallow depth of field. When you want to use lower shutter speed, it is absolutely necessary to take a fragment of the time in a frame.

Similarly, in the studio, you might want to create different frames in the same place. Another common example is that if you want to capture multiple images of your camera, as many people make when writing time.

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Packaging Details

Package Weight: 1.5kg (3.31lb.)
Unit Type: a piece

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Configured for(Adaption)

Smartphones, Cameras

Folded Length (mm)


Brand Name


Support Remote Control




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