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Cradle Fun Steel Balance Ball Physics Science Desk Toy christmas Gift


Newton’s Cradle Fun Steel Balance

Cradle Fun Steel Balance Ball Physics Science Desk Toy Accessory Gift

Newton’s cradle is a device that demonstrates conservation of momentum and energy using a series of swinging spheres. When one sphere at the end is lifted and released, it strikes the stationary spheres, transmitting a force through the stationary spheres that pushes the last sphere upward.

The last sphere swings back and strikes the still nearly stationary spheres, repeating the effect in the opposite direction.

The device is named after 17th-century English scientist Sir Isaac Newton.

That also known as

 Newton’s balls or Executive Ball 

100% Brand New and High Quality
Not only demonstrates a pendulum, but also shows the Laws of Conservation of Momentum and Energy.
Friction and damping effects are also observed.
Often used as a toy to amuse people.
Includes steel balls, plastic frames and base.
Great gift for everyone.

Original box: Yes
Color: Black & Silver
Item size: 90*76*92mm
Packaging size: 95*82*32mm
Net weight: 100g
Package weight: 110g

1 x Newton’s Cradle Balance Balls Desk Toy

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Cradle Fun Steel Balance

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Age Range

> 3 years old

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