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    Household Water Filter, Hydrogen Water, Hydrogen Water Generator, 2000Ml

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    Household Water Filter, Hydrogen Water, Hydrogen Water Generator, Alkaline Water Ionizer Kettle Product, 2000Ml

    Brand Name: homeleader
    Function: Direct Drink
    Time to market: Jun-15
    Model Number: CFYP158
    Certification: 3c
    Type: Ionizer
    Water Quality Requirements: High-Quality Drinking Water
    Water treatment machine Type: Soft Water Machine
    Installation: Desktop ( buy water purifier)
    The number of Filter Cartridges: 1
    Interface Diameter: None
    5 Stage Filtration: No
    Water Yield(Liter/Minute): 2.0
    Purifying Position: Terminal Purification
    Water temperature: less 50
    Power (W): 20W
    Color: White
    Material: Ceramic Filter Element
    Use: Make Hydrogen Rich Water
    Voltage: 110-240V,50-60

     buy water purifier Description

    Shopping guide for water purification
    How to choose the right water purifier. Types of water purification, RO, UV, UF and active carbon dioxide treatment and how they work, and which type of cleaner is suitable for hard and soft water.
    Water treatment is important for keeping the goods in the protection of family health. Bad water can cause many diseases and epidemics. In this shopping guide, we will look at the important questions you should ask before deciding which water purifier is appropriate.
    Type of water – hard water or soft water?
    For example, groundwater hard water resources are taken from drilling wells or from tankers. Hard water may contain fluoride, arsenic and other heavy metals. For example, soft water sources include water, lakes, rain gathering or municipal supply. our special offer buys a water purifier.

    What is the best water filter?
    Large enough capacity. The amount you or your family drank every day will affect the number of birds you need, and you need to make sure that a larger bowl is fit in your fridge. The kitchen filters, valves, and groundwater provide you with an unlimited amount of refined water and make it easy to switch between water and tap water.
    The proper mechanism for filtering most water filters uses carbon which absorbs impurities and odors through porous materials. Multi-stage filters can remove pollutants such as lead, chlorine, parasites, drugs, bacteria and harmful chemicals, and semi-permeable membranes of the reverse osmosis system eliminate most of the contaminants.

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    Packaging Details

    Package Weight: 1.8kg (3.97lb.)
    Unit Type: a piece

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    Brand Name


    Interface Diameter



    Direct Drink

    Water Quality Requirements

    High Quality Drinking Water

    5 Stage Filtration




    Time to market


    Water treatment machine Type

    Soft Water Machine

    Water Yield(Liter/Minute)



    Ceramic Filter Element



    Purifying Position

    Terminal Purification





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